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What is Leadership Anyway?


The Oxford dictionary offers three definitions for leadership: 1) the state or position of being a leader, 2) the ability to be a leader or the qualities a good leader should have, 3) a group of leaders of a particular organization, etc. In other words, the dictionary is of no help. It describes the destination but offers no map for the journey. I tried the RAE too; the definitions were almost identical in Spanish. Meanwhile, in the corporate world, leadership is often thought of as effective management or result-oriented guidance from one or a few enlightened—perhaps gifted—individuals. If you ask anyone [...]

What is Leadership Anyway?2021-02-02T18:38:38+00:00

COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity


It was Thursday, of the second week of March. I was in California facilitating the fifth session for the new Tepeyac Leadership Initiative (TLI) Los Angeles cohort. Things were going well! We had been hearing about the Coronavirus since late 2019. But this wasn’t the first time the public was made aware of the imminent danger of a virus from Asia. A state lockdown, an almost complete shutdown of commerce, the forbidding of all large and small gatherings was not on the radar for the average American, certainly not for us! By now the advice coming from China and [...]

COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity2021-02-02T18:40:41+00:00

Called to be Faithful


The Oxford dictionary defines brainwashing as “pressurizing (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.” I looked it up, because recently someone who had been admitted to—and later decided to pass on—our Tepeyac Leadership Initiative program, provided the following explanation to me over email: “The more complicated part of the reason is that my wife was surprisingly unsupportive of my participation. Ultimately, she relented when I pressed the issue and said that I wanted to participate. I am sharing her concern because I think it speaks to the issue(s) this organization is trying to [...]

Called to be Faithful2021-02-02T18:15:47+00:00

Identity & Purpose


I am convinced that one of the reasons our leadership program is so successful is because by God’s grace we have been able to help people in two fundamental areas where many a young professional seems to struggle today: identity and purpose. This is—to me—the most essential question in life: who are you? Of course, you have an answer, but I am looking for something deeper than your given name. This is the most essential question in life because your answer determines everything else. What is at the heart of this question? Identity! This question is one I needed [...]

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More Professionalism in 2020


There are three things we need more of in today’s workplace: commitment, accountability, and simple professionalism. This 2020, I’ve decided to be more disciplined in each of the three. I hope these thoughts will inspire others to follow me. I believe these are basic rules all serious professionals should demand of themselves, independently of the field or industry they occupy. For Catholic professionals, observing them should also take the form of a duty, since doing so would not only be good for business but also contribute in the sanctification of our lives and the secular world. Let me share [...]

More Professionalism in 20202021-02-02T18:46:17+00:00

Please Don’t Mind my Objecting to Mindfulness


Today’s so-called progress tends to come in the form of new answers to very old questions. It also seems humanity sometimes seeks change for the sake of change, forsaking along the way the most zealously guarded treasures of its forefathers. That same humanity later makes inadequate attempts at rediscovering its lost treasures by giving them different forms, names or connotations, thus unnecessarily obscuring and even obstructing their true purpose and full value. A good example is the growing popularity of the practice of mindfulness. Even in this postmodern world people have an urgent need to tend to their spirit. [...]

Please Don’t Mind my Objecting to Mindfulness2021-02-02T17:16:32+00:00

What I Call Dressed for Success


Back when I first entered the workforce, the slogan “dress for success” was still a popular phrase printed on business invitations. I am not sure how popular it is today. After all, in the era of workforce perks, flexibility and remote-work arrangements, we’ve all heard stories from Silicon Valley about the extravagance of going to work in shorts and sandals. But in my professional experience (which started in news media, moved through real estate, business, and later evolved into public relations and leadership development) a good old-fashioned suit still is key to professional success. And is not that a [...]

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We Can’t All Be Theologians


Undoubtedly, for some, getting a degree in theology is exactly what God wants. Some might be destined for the priesthood or religious life, but have not yet discovered it. They could definitely use the knowledge. There are also those, like Dr. Scott Hahn—made for academia—for whom advanced studies in theology are a must. Then, there are many other lay people who thrive as catechists, leading an apostolate or an evangelization effort. For them also, advanced theology studies might come in handy. However, if the entire body of the laity in the Catholic Church were to dedicate their lives to [...]

We Can’t All Be Theologians2021-02-02T18:50:28+00:00

Esperanza Hodgers, Kyrene Elementary School District


Monsignor Chavez is the head of the commission for the Canonization of San Juan Diego at the Archdioceses of Mexico City, and an expert in the history and message of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Like other Catholics, I thought I knew about Our Lady of Guadalupe. However, after partaking in one of the institutes online courses, I was blown away by how much there is to know about her! My leadership commitment is to help perpetuate the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe within the Diocese of Phoenix by promoting the work of Monsignor Eduardo Chavez and by connecting the work [...]

Esperanza Hodgers, Kyrene Elementary School District2019-07-25T22:56:17+00:00

Katrina Winn, Aid to Women Center


My TLI Leadership commitment is to facilitate a program for families designed to help them grow together in prayer. This program will be based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius and run yearly at my parish. Through a three-night long series of talks, activities, discussion, and Adoration, it will create a shared prayer experience that will strengthen the family's collective prayer life. The desired outcome is a strengthening of familial relationships in the spirit of Bishop Olmsted's exhortation Complete My Joy.

Katrina Winn, Aid to Women Center2019-07-25T22:56:17+00:00
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