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Juan Ramirez, Escamilla Law Group


My leadership commitment is to strengthen the formation of the laity, in particular, young adults and high school age youth. I want to focus on theology of the body, marriage between one man and one woman, and gender ideology. I plan to do this by facilitating small group discussions where participants can openly ask questions and engage in honest discussions. The intent is to give participants the tools to confidently educate and engage others in these conversations.

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Nazario Prieto, City of Phoenix


First and foremost, I am a father and a husband, and I commit to becoming the best that I can be with God’s grace. I will become a more prayerful man and take full advantage of the sacraments to become more holy.  I also have a passion for apologetics, and my focus will be to reach Catholic and non-Catholic men and bring them to Christ and to help them see the beauty of his Holy Catholic Church. As such, I commit to continue to educate myself in the written word of God and his Church and to find opportunities to encounter [...]

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Angelica Perez, Arizona Department of Child Safety


I find a great ongoing need in the right-to-life movement where men, women and children lack the understanding of what it means to be pro-life. I plan on volunteering at pro-life centers to mentor and educate on the cycle of conception and natural birth. I also plan on forming curriculum and/or educational material to further educate and inform the youth in our schools and youth groups and the most vulnerable women in my community.

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Bienvenido Morel, YRS New York


I commit to starting an entertainment company to be named Teleos Entertainment Group. Our company will focus on creating faith-based theater, movie and entertainment productions. Our first mission is to create a theater production based on Bishop Olmstead’s apostolic exhortation, “Into the Breach”. Our goal is to produce entertainment that brings the audience into closer relationship with Christ. We strive to do this on a local level here in Phoenix and to possibly grow to the international stage. Bringing the message of Christ’s love, compassion and mercy to the world through theater and the arts is my leadership commitment.

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Andres Martin, Maricopa County Environmental Services


I believe virtuous leadership is needed at the civic level of society and feel passionate about being an instrument of change in secular society. I was recently elected to serve as a Board Member for the Arizona Environmental Health Association (2-year term). My TLI leadership commitment is to fill a vacant City of Peoria Board/Commission position in 2018 and to use that as a platform to run for Peoria Unified School District Board Member in the next coming years. Concurrently, I plan to enter a 2018 EWTN video contest that is geared toward evangelization and also work on other Catholic media [...]

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Marisa Lopez, Arizona Public Service


More Latinos are leaving the church behind and have allowed themselves to be led by the distorted ways of the world. I believe more can be done to invite Latinos to come back to the Church and strengthen them in the history, culture, and social teachings of the faith. Thus, I commit to serve the Marytown Mission in their evangelization efforts in South Phoenix. In addition, I am concerned about the environmental degradation of our planet and how it is leading us towards self-destruction. The wellness of our environment is the responsibility of all human beings, so I pledge to continue [...]

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Seth Graham, Salt River Police Department


For my leadership commitment I would like to travel to Catholic churches and schools to talk about general life safety. How not to be a victim of crime/violence at home, work, and play.

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