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Debby Ortega


Being a public-school teacher has many challenges and rewarding experiences. One challenge in particular that I have seen in my teaching career is the lack of social emotional training, which teachers require in order to work with children. I strongly believe that in order to teach a child we must first capture their heart with God’s love. The only way we can do that is by forming a strong nurturing environment for children. My mission is to advocate for social emotional programs in schools, be part of a social emotional organization for children and start a program at my school.

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Stephanie Morales


I discovered the Theology of the Body teachings of Pope John Paul II in my adult life but so desperately wished I learned them earlier in my teens. There is a great need in my Hispanic community for youth to understand their identity in the modern world and the gift of self. With the help of Revelation and of the Church, I will be attending courses at the Theology of the Body Institute and initiate my leadership commitment to develop a Theology of the Body for Youth (TOBY) program in my parish. Partnering with experienced guest speakers to present these topics [...]

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Austin McElrath


For my leadership commitment I have elected to start an endowment for student scholarships at Servite High School, where I attended, and the roots of our faith took hold. I am currently sponsoring a rising senior, along with several of my classmates, and together we will ensure that this young man graduates, regardless of the financial situation facing his family. Furthermore, I will also work to endow a scholarship for the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative and to direct future participants to the program within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of Orange.

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Alexander Leparulo


For my leadership commitment, I would like to start a “Bible smuggling” program that ships and expedites Bibles to countries that are the fastest growing in human population. With the exception of the United States, I would want to send Bibles to rapidly growing nations such as India, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Pakistan. By 2050, these nations are predicted to have the highest exponential growth. This will help the mission of Christ’s Church by supplying people in those areas with a Bible of their own to read and study, preferably in their native language.

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Sindy Hernandez


First, I would like to thank God for the gift of faith. My commitment is to serve him and those around me, for his glory. My long-term goal is to open a retreat center where people’s lives will be transformed through the power of prayer and personal testimonies. I experienced this four years ago. Since then, Jesus has restored my life from the pain of abortion, abuse, rape, and a broken heart. He has given me a voice and the courage to speak on behalf of those who suffer in silence. To be a leader in a broken world I have [...]

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Brenda Lorena Garcia


Having been blessed with a career in the Hollywood Film Industry, it is commonly understood that there’s a lack of community. Generally speaking, there isn’t enough camaraderie as it is, but this is especially true within Catholics in Entertainment. I will develop an organization with the potential of it expanding to an active production company called “Theotokos Productions,” named after the Great Mother of God, having her as our Patroness. I chose her because there is a great need for the gift of Feminine Genius in our culture.

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Alex Emanuel


Consumer media’s approach to the Christian faith today is largely either one of scorn and derision in popular film and television or bland and blithe promotion in niche productions. I want to produce content that treats our faith as a serious, reasoned, and natural part of human existence; I must learn to better develop and finance mainstream projects so that in the future I might influence their production or spearhead my own. Therefore, I commit to working in content development while pursuing an MBA, so that I might gain the knowledge and network to bring some change to popular entertainment.

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Melody Cruz


TLI has exposed me to ways lay Catholics can make meaningful impacts in the modern world by answering the call of evangelization. By opening my ears to listen better, my eyes to recognize Jesus around me, my mouth to speak the truth confidently with courage, and my heart to empathize with others, I hope to bring others closer to Christ by my example of living the faith. Therefore, I commit to developing a stronger prayer life and deeper understanding of our faith, which in turn will guide me as I continue to discern the path God has chosen for me.

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Jonalyn Bridgeman


After finishing TLI, I am more committed to sharing more of my Time, Talent, and Treasure in my community back in the Philippines and anywhere else I am needed. It was an opportunity for me to validate and affirm that the teachings, values, and culture that I gained in my formation years with the guidance of my family, and my exposure in our diverse Catholic church, were all aligned. My leadership commitment is to pursue the formation of our youth through J-Dator Institute. I will help to provide better education with the right formation that is guided by the doctrine of [...]

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Kathryn Bodenhamer


My leadership commitment is to use the creative arts to lead those lost out of darkness, to deepen their relationship with God, and to help them see their unique Goodness and Beauty in Light of God’s Truth. I will write screenplays encouraging others to ponder their spiritual existence and commit to starting a production company dedicated to creating such projects. I will also share my religious artwork centered around revealing God’s Grace and Glory. I will complete the UNBOUND Prayer training, which focuses on helping others find healing and deliverance. Last, I hope to enter discernment to become a Third Order Dominican.

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