We would like to share some of their commitment to leading within their family, parish, community, and in business.

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Yvette Montano

First and foremost, I want to say that I am so thankful for TLI. The past five months have been a journey that has spiritually opened my heart to learn more about my catholic faith and provide me with professional skills that I use daily in my work. It has also allowed me to discern where God is guiding me to be in this world. My leadership commitment for the near future is to continue to grow spiritually in my faith by reading catholic books and reconnecting with the young adult group at my local parish. My long-term commitment is to continue my education and obtain my master’s degree in nonprofit leadership and management. I also see myself becoming involved in politics either by volunteering for a politician’s campaign or running for a seat on a local school board. Lastly, I plan to always be a supporter of TLI and commit myself to stay involved as an alumnus.


Yuritzi Vargas

My leadership commitment is to live out my Fiat to God’s call of being a virtuous Proverbs 31 woman in my family, work, and communities. During TLI, I was blessed by the program and God leading me to a new environment. I will continue discerning and take guidance from the Holy Spirit to see what my commitment looks like in the future. Thus far, I know it is to lead as a virtuous Catholic leader in tech and in my family. My next step is to search and start serving on a related non-profit board by the end of 2022.


Yesenia Carrera

I commit to building an intentional community amongst women, particularly their post-graduate but pre-martial season of life who wish to dedicate this prime season of life to grow in cultivating our unique feminine genius through the Catholic intellectual tradition and a sisterhood community. This sisterhood community will be facilitated using study guides created by the Endow Podcast. The hope is that women who participate in these sisterhood communities will each embark in the pivotal role of being a bold Catholic witness in the rebuilding of culture and society in their circles of influence and God willing someday in our own future families as wives and mothers. As Edith Stein wisely shared, “The world doesn’t need what women have. The world needs what women are.”


Wendy Cano

TLI was a gift that reminded me that He gave me a unique mission, a wonderful charisma, and several natural talents. I will actively use these gifts every day in my Virtuous Leadership to create and develop more transdisciplinary projects with the support of the members of XOCIARTEK. Art, science, and God’s good love are the ingredients that can transform local environments into possibilities to have a better life. I also commit to continue contributing to the mission of TLI as part of the core team and encourage professionals to take advantage of the TLI program.


Valerie Staples

As a graduate of TLI, my commitment will be to apply what I have learned from the stellar trainers in our program to my work as a Director with Legal Shield Services. I will strive to share my faith more boldly with my clients and fellow Associates. More importantly, I am going to recommit to receiving our Lord at daily Mass so that I can carry our Lord with me to all I encounter. I will also apply my newly learned membership skills to my work with Consecrate California, which I am the Spokesperson for. Being that there are nearly 10 million Catholics in California, there is hope for our State. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the prayers of the saints for which so many of our cities are named, and the help of as many on fire Catholic Californians as possible, we hope to someday see the soul of California converted back to her Catholic roots! Let us continue the work of the great St. Junipero Sierra. Siempre Adelante!


Tania Vasquez

I commit to keep the Lord in the center of my life, to prefer his will before mine, to humbly trust him in every situation regardless if it makes sense or not to my human eye, and to be a witness of his love in my family, friends and at my workplace. I commit to advocate for the healthcare of children, especially the most vulnerable, including those with Down Syndrome and other rare diseases.


Sophia Cartwright

I am committing to standing steadfast for the good amidst the festering falsehood perpetuated by the culture. I want to do this especially by dedicating myself to Catholic secondary and post-secondary education, helping to form young people in the warm glow of the knowledge of their own phenomenal worth and securing them in the glory of the truths I have been shown. I seek particularly to affirm their unshakable dignity, such that every choice they make is rooted in that and therefore oriented towards the source of all goodness, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Skylar Covich

I will continue and expand my involvement in the disability rights
movement and in local politics, including through more board service. I also will continue my service in parish ministries such as the choir and mailing list and seek to join at least one Catholic or pro-life board.


Silvia Lugo

In reflecting what’s a commitment, I remembered when I flew to start Medical School. I carried a book on the plane that’s about being commitment and making peace with marriage. Little did I know, I was about to begin a journey in my life. Well, I’ve not been married to a man yet. I’ll leave a legacy of hope and love, being led by God to joyfully serve in healing through encounters with people. Open to ways I could help their needs with my gifts, through prayerful discernment, transmitting a catholic family inheritance thankfully.


Sarah Brotman

I will start volunteering at a Pregnancy Resource Center in the next six months. In addition, I will create (or join if one already exists) a community of Catholic scientists at my next job where we can network, have meetings, and facilitate discussions on current issues we face as Catholic scientists working in a very secularized environment. Ideally, this will give Catholic scientists who feel isolated a community where we can build a stronger voice to defend our beliefs to the larger scientific community and eventually evoke change by joining bioethics boards and other forms of leadership.


Sara Macias

I feel that through this program and the people in it, God is calling me to step up to bat to serve to a “greater” degree. As I thought about how to serve best with my 3 T’s… I came to the foundational conclusion that above all, I want to continue to establish what God asks of all of us first; “Love God with my everything, neighbor as self.” As an artist, I feel my role is to share God through my art. I want to, above all, to be good to people. So, I feel like I need to go back to seeking our Rock of Refuge and Strength. Then, alas will I know how to further my role out in a world so deprived of the Truth.

Samson Patras

My TLI commitment is to uplift the Catholic community in Pakistan by engaging the underserved youth in remote jobs. I will launch an organization to create employment opportunities for catholic youth in the country that permits them to express their community in faith, fill a need in the labor market for US companies at more affordable wages, and improve the standard of living and quality of life for the poorest and at risk of our Pakistani Catholic community. As the organization grows, I commit a portion of the company profits to be reinvested to create high quality and foreign education opportunities.


Sachin Jose

I can do my part in promoting TLI on social media, especially on Twitter. Within a couple of months, I will make the TLI page reach 1000 followers. I will try to promote TLI in India and I will share about TLI to other people whom I know. I am ready to be part of the TLI team in developing social media marketing content. I am ready to offer my help in other areas too. Thank you for the great work TLI is doing for the Church.


Riley Quinlan

My employer, Republic Services, Inc. has several employee resources groups, available company wide. Like nearly all these organizations of corporate America, these groups are rather “woke,” politically charged (in some format or another), and stem from intersectional characteristics (race, gender, sexuality, etc.). There is not yet any kind of religious group for employees to take advantage of on their own time at the workplace. This afternoon, I’ve reached out to the Diversity & Inclusion office to request the documentation required to establish an employee Christian network. The purpose of this group is to not only provide employees the information of other Christians at work, but how to share and spread our message in the current cultural crises we face; how to practice our faith in a hyper secular environment. While my initial intent is to engage in dialogue with Christians at the office, other denominations (e.g., Catholics) from this will be discovered. There is the potential for activities, events, and other means of fellowship.


Rebecca Wergin

The TLI experience has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I am deeply grateful for being selected to participate. TLI has aided me in growing more deeply in my Roman Catholic faith and as a professional serving as an adult gerontology nurse practitioner. The TLI faith leaders and cohort members were truly inspiring. As a result, I commit to becoming a TLI mentor, offering to present for TLI on human dignity, writing articles to support TLI, making efforts to recruit future TLI cohort members, and joining a Catholic healthcare professional organization.


Rachel Rothans

Through the Holy Spirit, TLI inspired me to act, with my time and talent, to support the pro-life movement. I commit to becoming a missionary with Biking for Babies, to take on a long-distance cycling mission to raise awareness and funds for pregnancy resource centers nationwide to assist women and families experiencing crisis pregnancies. Additionally, I will volunteer at the Lamb of God maternity home. The home provides care to pregnant women in crisis from across the nation through housing, education, and support. I am eager to build relationships with young mothers and uphold a culture of life!


Peter Kersting

According to a Harvard report in 2021, 36% of all Americans—including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children—feel “serious loneliness.” With increased isolation we also see fewer examples of virtue in relationships. Many cannot recognize what true friendship looks like, let alone how to strive for it. Too many of us struggle with serious sexual addictions negatively impacting our marriages, families, and ultimately the culture. In the spirit of TLI, I want to create a platform, and ultimately a community, that puts virtue back on display, empowering others to free themselves from the shackles of sexual slavery and learn how to pursue healthy friendships and romantic relationships.


Pedro Cadena Díaz

I, Pedro Cadena Díaz, in the presence of God, freely and willingly commit myself to put my time, treasure and talents to the service of God, the Catholic Church and all the people of God, through the faithful fulfillment of my duties as a formator. I will earnestly continue my path of professional formation and follow through with the process of writing my book “What is life about?”. May this project, by God’s grace, be of eternal and temporary fruits for everyone involved in it, and for everyone who will read it. Holy Mary, Queen of Apostles, pray for us.


Patrick Novecosky

God has given me the gift of being able to communicate well, particularly through the written word. My commitment is to write another book before the end of the year and to have it published in 2023. My first book was on Pope St. John Paul II’s legacy. This new book will focus on the legacy of his closest collaborator—Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the man who became Pope Benedict XVI. Through these books, I will work to keep the teaching of these two men alive into the 21st century.


Ossman E Padilla Monzon

I will become a better missionary disciple, father, husband, brother, son, and leader. I’ll continue to feed my soul and heart with Jesus’ love and share with others my genuine desire for a better society. My commitment is to ignite the hearts of others by serving as an example to bring them closer to Jesus and his Church. As a Catholic leader, I have the responsibility to use the values of the Church as the foundation in every single personal and professional project. I’ll serve as a volunteer for Make a Wish Arizona and look for an opportunity to serve as a board member with Big Brother and Big Sister of Arizona and the Phoenix Suns Hispanic Council.


Monica O’Hearn

I deeply desire to give my life to the Lord to allow Him to use me however He wants to.  I therefore commit to putting Christ before everything else by spending time with Him each day through daily mass, adoration and praying the rosary.  I also commit to being available to serve my parish in whatever ways they could use my assistance, such as by teaching CCD or RCIA classes.  I further commit to regularly serving the poor and homeless with the Friars and Sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ in Downtown Los Angeles.

Monica Kauzeni

My leadership commitment is to dedicate myself to my role as a trustee at Ursuline Links, a charity founded by the Ursuline Sisters in the UK to connect Ursuline Catholic Girls’ High Schools globally for social justice projects and mission work. I will volunteer at a day camp project with children this summer and will continue to visit Ursuline High Schools and share with students how they can live out their Catholic faith boldly. I wish to encourage young women to follow their vocation and set the world on fire. TLI has transformed my life and equipped me with the tools to trust the Holy Spirit and be a witness to Christ in every arena of life.


Miguel Castillo

My commitment is to launch an initiative within the next 6 to 12 months for laymen, to commit to one Holy Hour per week. We need to reclaim our place in creation as leaders and protectors, “to serve and to guard” (Gen 2:15), beginning with prayer. This Holy Hour is to include prayer for Holy Mother Church and for holy vocations to the priesthood, for families (including our own) and for ourselves as men, that we may be holy, chaste and come to know and act in accordance with God’s will, according to our state in life.


Michael Newhouse

I will invest time to develop my non-profit founded in 2021 to build a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Houston to evangelize millions. I will develop a brand/marketing plan, materials, video, and a plan to approach angel investor donors. Ad Jesum per Mariam!


Matthew Baumel

Having lived overseas in different countries and now living in Mexico, I have seen how important it is to support local international communities. Many countries do not have the resources the US has and count on services and financial donations from those that can help. I commit to help fundraise for a local orphanage in Mexico and spearhead a program to help educate kids in both English and computer literacy, which are skills that will be paramount to their futures.


Maritza Perrault

I want to preserve Catholic culture for women and girls in our church. My plan is to compile a quarterly magazine for Catholic schools. I hope to recruit team members with future cohorts and current TLI leaders who I believe would really add a special touch and presence to the magazine project that I have in mind. I want this to undo the effects of trashy magazines and other unsuitable reading material that many women and young girls have grown up with. This idea of transforming minds for women and families throughout the Catholic Church elates me and fills me up with so much purpose, joy, integrity, and a stronger sense of my identity as a daughter of Jesus Christ, whom is the master and King of the Universe.


Mario Benitez

TLI has been an immense blessing in my life; I have been able to discern my place in society and how I can try to be light in a secular world in need of Christ. My leadership commitment will revolve around my academic goals. I was able to get into a prestigious fellowship at my university which helps students develop into strong Ph.D. candidates for academia. By the grace of God, I hope to be able to pursue teaching or academic counseling and bring my Catholic leadership with me, with the hopes of proactively being involved in committees at these possible future places of employment.


Mariana Medina

My leadership commitment is to continue to be open to the will of God. Continuing to serve with gratitude as a parish council member, cherishing my catholic principles as a city board member. Speak life with my testimony; continuing to educate and serve all families, while I also love and care for my own marriage vocation and family ministry. My commitment is to seek opportunities for my spiritual and academic growth, and to work on my educational goals to strengthen my professional career in psychology and human rights. I will compassionately, protect the most vulnerable and advocate with diligence for social justice. TLI, has awakened a new hope within me, flourished in my heart and soul with a powerful Catholic identity. Let my leadership commitment exalt Jesus. Viva Cristo Rey, Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!


Luis Fernando Calvo

I commit myself, because of the generous training program offered by Tepeyac Leadership, to return to my home country, Costa Rica, and contribute to the creation of a true catholic culture by providing the much-needed training, through the appropriate institutional setting, to catholic laymen that are ready to influence the discussion and take the country to better grounds. Also, I will actively participate, God willingly, in Higher Education due to the postgraduate training that I am about to finalize. Last, I commit to assist, according to my possibilities, the formation of a new political party in my home country.


Lourdes Llata

My leadership commitment is to practice my catholic faith by the practice and vote of faith. Also, to be an exemplary leader of devotion, giving priority importance to the Rosary. TLI enlightens the path to follow without fear or doubt to promote my admiration to Maria. I have no fear to continue devotion developing a prayer group to promote the love to Maria, Mother of Christ, the example of a woman. By praying the Rosary, I will bring peace to the sick and needy by following the virtues of Mary and her faith. I will promote a campaign trail of Rosary in my community to strengthen faith in Christ with Maria!


Lorenzo Badiola

In order to combat the culture of death in public schools, I will start a Catholic club at my local high school: Vista Grande High School, which I am an alumnus of. In this Catholic Club, we will study the Bible and the best of what Catholic Theology has to offer as well as pray the breviary and encourage regular attendance of Confession and Mass, so that all may be equipped to fight the culture of death prevalent today.


Kelly Dripps

My commitment is to continue to call on the holy spirit’s gifts and charisms as I build a network of Catholic HR professionals to collaborate and generate resources for other Catholics in secular HR. The goal is to create HR initiatives to exemplify Catholic Social Teaching in secular organizations. This will create a shift in business cultures to foster environments that respect each person’s worth and dignity. I pledge to serve on the TLI EAST Board of Directors to support TLI’s purpose of educating Catholic professionals who will further the Church’s mission while serving the common good in secular society.


Karla Gomez Araya

With the great professional learning that I have received, I commit to serve the Lord by teaching catechism to children. I stopped teaching after I went to college, but it has been a desire rooted in my heart to go back to the classrooms. I now commit to use what I learned in TLI, especially in session 3 about education, and the dangers that parents need to be aware of to protect their children and to better teach them the Catholic faith. In addition, I commit to also be open to serve as a board member for any private or non-profit organization.


Karla E. Bracamonte

At this point, my family and career have stabilized. I am constantly thinking, “what does God want from me now?” During my retreat, I reflected on the most painful memory. 20 years ago, I lost my baby at six months pregnant. The only regret I have is how I dealt with it. The poor formation I had for dealing with this grief contributed to my suffering. I have the conviction that women who abort willingly also suffer from a similar depression. I will commit to serve as a volunteer in Rachel’s Vineyard to help these women. In hopes of also expanding this organization’s help to women who have suffered through involuntary pregnancy loss.


Kaitlyn Elkinton

During TLI, I was deeply moved when we discussed the call to sanctify our work. I promise to bring Christ into the reliability of the electric grid. I will joyfully serve the energy needs of his people in the Western Interconnection. I will see Christ in my fellow engineers and be ready to account for Him as the source of my joy. I shall build more silence into my life so I can hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I will work to grow in virtue to be prepared should the Lord lead me to serve Him on a board or in another community leadership position.


Jovita Hernandez

For my Leadership Commitment, I will submit my application for the Walton County Public Library Advisory Board as there is a vacancy in District 4. This will be an opportunity for me to participate in public government. I look forward to engaging with local government and provide advice and recommendations from our Catholic perspective to the Board of County Commissioners. I look forward for another board opportunity that allows me to engage with pregnant women and will be researching the Santa Rosa Florida Health Programs for women.


Joseph Pillado

My commitment is to help the homeless and those in need. Through involvement with Saint Vincent De Paul, I hope to serve others through their rising leaders’ program. Furthermore, I would like to recommit myself to my academic community at Arizona State University through participation in leadership positions at the student level.


Jose Melero

My leadership commitment will be to start a catholic music band. A few years ago, God put in my heart the mission of evangelizing through music and all these years I have feared doing it by making excuses. Furthermore, I will keep working with Missionaries of Mary and the Guadalupe Project to develop a Regional Center of Evangelization in Phoenix, Arizona. Finally I will look to be part of a board of a non-profit organization where I would like to help create audiovisual content.


Joshua Fredrickson

My immediate leadership commitment is twofold: First, to find a way to re-engage in leading faith formation in the Catholic Church. Second, to sincerely discern a commitment to Porters of Saint Joseph, an organization of Catholic men dedicated to providing security for their parishes. My longer-term commitment is to always consider how I can use my personal gain to assist those less fortunate.


Jordan Brittain

During my time at TLI, the Lord has instilled in me a desire to become more of a leader in my parish community. I joined the choir at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church and intend to start a Right to Life chapter there to increase pro-life outreach and awareness in South Phoenix. I was born on the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, and I also have been formed as a Third Order Dominican, so I do not think it is a coincidence that she is the patron of my new church and outreach focus.

Jonas Sanchez

Being part of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative showed me that Catholic faith, morals, and values can be put into practice amidst a secular setting and that one’s faith is not incompatible with the duties of life. Since starting the program, I have been increasingly placed in positions of leadership and the foundation has been set firmly by the TLI program. To have been part of this program as a young professional from Belize was exciting and illuminating and I’m grateful that the TLI program has an international reach. I believe that others can benefit from this program as I did. Therefore, my pledge for the next two years is that I will encourage at least one Belizean professional to be part of the TLI program.


John Fuller

“First, “No one gives what he does not have.” I commit to, with my pastor, developing a plan of life to receive what God wishes to give those around me. Second, I commit to researching professional organizations I could join in hopes of future board service. Finally, inspired by this community and St. Josemaria Escriva, I will strive to live my work as the means of sanctification it is: through cheerfulness, with a “get to” instead of “have to” attitude, and by recalling the imago Dei in every person I meet.”


John Burd

Our Session 7 Envisioning Exercise was to “develop an initiative to promote the development of healthier alternatives for media.” My response was a proposal for a screenwriting competition with a $100,000 award for the best script written in accordance with the Hays Code. For a relatively modest sum, plus some additional funds for administration of the contest, Catholics could commission the creation of beautiful stories which have the potential to bring writers into the orbit of the Church and touch the hearts of millions. Christ communicated challenging truths through storytelling. Today, His Church has the potential to do the same. My commitment is to pray a novena for God’s will regarding this proposal, and to pursue funding to bring it to life.


Jesse Jones

At an early age I began serving my local parish, and at the time of my confirmation, my faith became an immovable part of my everyday life thanks to many great leaders in the church. I have now served in multiple leadership roles and have worked as a Diocesan employee for over 3 years. God’s grace has given me skills in the areas of IT/AV, finance, and creative media; with which I intend to make a true impact on my local community and this Holy Church as far as the Lord allows me. My passion for Young Adult Ministry and Catechetical Ministry is moving me to create new programs for continuing formation and community service through leadership roles in my Diocese. Furthermore, I seek to assist in the development of “Omnia Catholic,” an organization that is creating unique web-based platforms to connect Catholics to resources, events, and programs like TLI. My mission is to glorify God and mobilize strong Catholics in the public square through the tradition and beauty of the Church; always with humility, and the sufficiency of His Grace.

Jaylem Durousseau

I will help create a new coalition of Civic, church, and lay leaders to rebuild a culture of Life in Colorado. We will work to build up more leaders committed to the dignity of the human person that will work to change the laws and culture of the state.


Janaina Bárbara Stefanon Rizzo da Silva

As a catholic, Brazilian, and petroleum engineer, I will keep my faith, let Chris’s light shine in me and influence others for Christ. Also, I will help TLI translate its content to Portuguese in the new book “Catholic Leadership for Civil Society.” After everything I gained in the program, I realized there is a gap in Brazil regarding how to be a catholic and a professional. Because of that, I wish to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God representing Jesus in my ordinary and professional duties glorifying His name. Focusing on being a saint, surviving and converting myself more daily, I will also encourage others who cross my life to be saints. Finally, I dream of seeing TLI’s philosophy in the Portuguese language, somehow. I would like to be of service helping Tepeyac Leadership make this happen.


Jacob Loel

I reflected at length on my leadership commitment, and concluded after prayer, reflection, and speaking with my TLI Mentor. For my Leadership Commitment, I plan to write a book on the promotion of Human Dignity through policy, using Aquinas and St. Augustine’s writings as my primary sources. This will be a long and difficult process, but I am excited to embrace this challenge to which I feel I am called.


Inoh Choe

I commit to being a servant entrepreneur working to bring the Kingdom of God serving as the President of Young Catholic Professionals in Denver is just the beginning. As I build the foundation of a global, yet local community of like-minded Catholic professionals in Colorado, I will share love in organizational action, integrated across leadership, innovation, and venture creation. Instead of leveraging cultural trends for gain, I will build products and experiences that renew culture. I will check for complacency and strive for Christ-like excellence in everything I do. I will pursue meaningful risk for the sake of others.


Greg Richmond

My TLI Leadership Commitment includes three goals. First, I plan to finish a pro-life documentary which is just starting the editing process. 

Second, I will be supporting Radio Family Rosary, based here in Phoenix, which has been going strong for 31 years. Third, and God willing, I would like to start a production company which would produce compelling life affirming content. I will work with others to accomplish these goals to glorify God.

Gloria (Melly) Andrade

My leadership commitment is that I will volunteer in a Catholic Radio Network for a year and support them with their social media content. I will also create a Social Media Account to evangelize by sharing different places of catholic devotions (pilgrimages).

Giovani da Silva

I am a recent civil engineering graduate starting my career in project management for a construction company. My main commitment is to bring my faith and my leadership skills from TLI to grow in my career and my personal life through any challenges I may run into against my Catholic beliefs. Using my principals and solid foundation to be an example of Christ in my work, home and relationships. Along with this, I will be representing the Brazilian community in the Journeying Together (a national catholic intercultural encounter for ministries with youth and young adults) event this year. And finally, I would like to not just play guitar for the music ministry but help lead it in my community to help it grow and bring in more servers of God to participate in the community.

Geovanna Espinosa

It wasn’t until session six that my heart felt a deep call to begin my journey as a spiritual mentor with the English-speaking audience. Therefore, my leadership commitment is to offer life coaching sessions with the concept of spirituality. I commit to help entrepreneurs to identify their God’s gifts, their unique strengths and apply that into new businesses they will create. Thank you, TLI, for allowing me to find my passion and mission in life.

Gabriela Hernández Franch

As I reflect on my time of learning and new formation through TLI, I know I am called to live my life in a magnanimous way. I feel called to share my story of being a Catholic, millennial, immigrant, professional Latina woman and how God has been present and faithful in my life. I commit to contributing to TLI’s new platform The Catholic Professional, where I can share my thoughts, experiences and resources with other young women. I also commit to connecting with Iskali, a youth Catholic organization and becoming a mentor for the next generation to be proud and live out their faith.

Frank Lezameta

During my life, God has shown me his infinite love and mercy, putting wonderful people in my life, without them I would not have been able to achieve anything in my life. This year the Lord gave me the grace to participate in the TLI Leadership Program. In gratitude, my commitment is to use the talents that God gave me to help TLI with its digital marketing assets, as well as create an annual fundraising campaign for a charity in my country, so that through these two commitments, the work of God grows and spreads for his glory.

Francisca Azucena Enriquez-Walton

My leadership commitment is with God, myself, and my community. I will keep growing spiritually by seeking a certificate on Spirituality and Spiritual direction. Also, I will volunteer in a nonprofit organization called Literacy Connects. Further, I will take a leadership role and serve on a board. Finally, I am committed to promote the TLI program in my community.

Francis J. Cherney

In thanksgiving for the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the Catholic faith as a member of TLI, my leadership commitment will be to serve as the Director of Outreach for Young Catholic Professional’s Nashville chapter. My efforts will be to build upon the growing YCP organization to broaden the scope of membership and sponsor support within the greater Nashville area. I aim to further the mission of TLI by bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to an ever-growing secular society and to ultimately enrich the surrounding communities through fellowship opportunities and sharing our personal relationship with God.

Fernando Gomez

As a Catholic Leader, father, and friend – I feel my calling is to share with others the gift and beauty our faith is and how it’s always striving to embrace, console & welcome all to a virtuous perspective in life. Pope Francis has declared that synodality is: “What God expects of the church in the 21st Century.” In response to his call, I will seek board and volunteer opportunities within the Catholic non-profit arena that focuses on mission advancement through stewardship, development, and the long-term philanthropy aspirations of their constituents by bringing my lived experience and all of what I’ve learned throughout our TLI sessions and retreat.

Estaban Rojas

I will use my technical experience to mentor, both through a nonprofit and personally, those seeking to better their lives by learning software development. Furthermore, I will seek to eventually be a board member of a nonprofit organization that seeks to help underserved populations receive technical training. I will fulfill these with all my heart and determination so that I can serve as a mirror of God’s love to those whom I’ll serve.

Edmund Patrick Adamus

To support the mission and apostolate of the National Association of Catholic Families in the UK by being a member of their Executive Board and guiding/advising on spiritual/pastoral/catechetical activity. This will complement my membership of the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group within the UK Government structures to advance the rights of parents as the primary educators and protectors of their children. Besides this, I shall continue to be part of the leadership and development of the Good Love Foundation in association with the Dicastery for Laity, Family & Life, which will be officially launched at the World Meeting of Families in Rome in June.

Dora Ng

I am committed to begin an apostolate within my parish where early childhood catholic families (kids 0-5 years) can find comfort, fellowship, and community. In my opinion, the domestic church is currently being under-served within young families in the Catholic community. We need to be empowered to raise our children confidently in the faith with the support of like-minded families.  

Delia Sanchez

As a beloved of God, I will love and know Him more by attending daily Mass and Adoration as much as possible. I will strive to be more respectful, understanding, and humble towards my parents. I will be an advocate for the truth, goodness, and beauty of one’s true identity as a daughter or son of God. As a Pre-Planning Advisor of funeral arrangements, I will help others make a plan that shows the utmost reverence for the sacredness of their body. And last, I will support a pro-life candidate running for State Representative.

Charles Adams

I commit to writing and directing a short film each year for the next 5 years that confronts cultural issues directly opposing Church teaching.  The ultimate goal is to both make the viewer think, and to present the viewer with truth, beauty, and goodness. Each of these films will be submitted to film fests and shared as widely as possible so the message in each film can be seen by many. Ultimately, the intent is not to be incendiary, but rather to unify different sides in a manner that is palpable by both the believer and the non-believer.  

Carolina Cequini Carreira Gottschalk

As a visual storyteller and concept artist, I’ll commit to live a life of catholic leadership by using my talents and skills the best way I can—striving for greatness and striving to bring Truth and Beauty to the projects I contribute to in the film and gaming industries. Using my Feminine Genius, I hope to be able to always cherish life in my household, to lead by example, to nurture and care for others, and share my Faith through my art.

Ana Karen Loera

For my TLI 2022 West Leadership commitment, I want to start a group of women, which can come together to pray, discuss our faith, and help each other heal past wounds. I have found a need among catholic women to feel accompanied in their journey through support and prayer. Moreover, I would like to volunteer for an organization called Riverside Life Services. They provide pregnancy resources for women.

Allison Taylor

I have been very fortunate to have received many years of Catholic education. It has changed my life and greatly strengthened my faith. For my leadership commitment I plan to help with religious education at a local parish in any way I can. The world today does not encourage Catholics or most Catholic teachings. As part of my commitment to Catholic education, I also want to live my life as a role model for young Catholics. I plan to be a better role model by being bold in my faith on social media and in my daily life.

Alex Okello

As a result of TLI experience, I commit to establish a discipleship and business skills development program that will annually form and train 100–Catholic young people in Institutions of higher learning in East Africa, with livelihood and evangelization skills needed for renewal and transformation of the church and the society at large.

Alejandro de la Maza

Society today is deeply influenced by the media it consumes. Pope John Paul II stated that: “the cinema, with its vast possibilities, could become a powerful means of evangelization.” My mission as a TLI graduate will be to create a business that facilitates the creation of quality motion pictures that portray the truth about the dignity of the human person by bringing Catholic and Christian creators together to share ideas and collaborate on projects. The goal is to aid the creation of motion pictures with Christian values and equip them with the necessary resources for them to compete with mainstream media.

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