We would like to share some of their commitment to leading within their family, parish, community, and in business.

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Michael Yiin

I am committed to fostering the growth of Laudato Si communities both within the Church and in the workplace. I recognize the urgent need to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of life. I will actively encourage and support the formation of Laudato Si groups, engaging individuals to deepen their understanding of ecological responsibility and care for our common home. In the workplace, I will champion sustainability initiatives, promote green practices, and encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly policies. By nurturing these communities, we can inspire collective action, raise awareness, and create a more sustainable and harmonious world for current and future generations. As I am also asked by Caritas Singapore to apply for their sustainability leadership position, I will use that opportunity to uphold my leadership commitment and contribute back to the church not just as a career but as a vocation in the Catholic archdiocese.

Valentine Wangechi

The Tepeyac leadership has taken me on a personal journey. It has shed light into areas in my life I need to work on, growing in faith, and shown me how to I impact others in the community. My Leadership commitment in the near future is to continue to grow in faith, sharing knowledge with the children ministry in my local church. My long-term goal is to start a nonprofit organization and community with other Christians, to grow together in a place for rest, to educate each other, progress and integrate with the community.

Stephen Voehl

I commit to embracing my vocation as priest, prophet, and king alongside my wife and family, delving deeper into its essence. Safeguarding my loved ones from evil and leading our domestic worship. I will emulate Christ by being both priest and sacrifice, prioritizing service over self. As a prophet, I will set an example through repentance and regular confession. As a king, I will govern my emotions, providing my wife and children with unwavering support and stability. Embracing this calling, I will continuously seek healing in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the intercession of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. My aim is to guide my family towards Christ, making it my mission as a leader.

Emmanuel Villalpando

As a graduate of TLI, I am very grateful to have been a part of the 2023 TLI cohort, getting to know our instructors, and much more. I have enjoyed the zoom coffees and getting to know other like-minded Catholic individuals which were it not by TLI I would have never had the chance to meet. I am proud to be becoming a graduate of TLI, since to me being active and knowing all there is to know about my faith is important. I commit to use the skills that I have learned. Thank you TLI!

Angel Vega

My leadership commitment is to be a leader within my family by providing financially and spiritually for them, forwarding my career while staying present and involved in the family. I will obtain training to climb up the ladder to have my ideas heard. I will identify and embrace opportunities within the Church and community by actively joining a board or committee and becoming involved in accessible Catholic Social Work organizations. Last, I will build support for those in Social Services and foster an environment where dialogue and reason in-line with our Faith is allowed and encouraged.

Andrew J. Triplett

As a graduate of TLI, my commitment will be to apply what I have learned from the speakers of our program to my work as an attorney, emphasizing the promotion of human dignity and the common good. I will continue and expand my involvement with my local parish, my local Knights of Columbus chapter, as well as grow in connection with the St. Thomas More Society.

Michael Towle

At the heart of Christian leadership lies the habit of selfless service to others. Great leaders throughout history have triumphed in myriad ways, but those most inspiring have done so with gratitude. TLI consistently highlights areas of faith and culture where Christian leadership is in dire need. I am committed to leadership in my local community through service, fidelity to the tenants of the faith, and gratitude for God’s grace to accomplish great things. I will joyfully bear witness to Christ in the little things and lead by example. Lord, not my will, but your will be done!

Cathy Thompson

TLI has ignited the fire in me to move forward with clarity. My coaching mission is to be an antidote to the chaos in this confused world. I will empower my clients to realize their God-given potential, by understanding their uniqueness and ultimate purpose as a child of God, while enabling them to recognize that true peace, joy, and fulfilment only reside in God’s will. May mine be the hands and feet with which He blesses, loves, and heals the world one person at a time. I entrust my mission into the most pure hands of Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Igor Telepcak

“Holy Father, keep them true to thy name, thy gift to me, that they may be one, as we are one.” John 17,11. Inspired by the apparition of Holy Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego and the TLI Catholic laity leadership vision I will strive to promote works of unity among faithful across their respective national, cultural, professional, or individual backgrounds and to contribute to strengthening the Church unity from both inside and outside so that there may truly be one Church and one Shepherd.

Jennifer Teeters

I am so grateful for the gift of TLI and to have been challenged by the discipline of participating fully in the program, as well as facing topics I would usually shy away from. I find peace in my life by surrendering to Jesus and trying not to worry or be anxious about things of this world. TLI has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone of service to my parish and to Catholic in Recovery, and to share my leadership in the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina. As Pope Francis has stated, “You can’t change politics watching from a balcony.” I commit to coming down from the balcony and participating in secular organizations in my community.

Perla Tannous

In Jesus’ name, I commit my life to Him, seeking His path always. I strive to see greatness in others, nurturing an “I & you” relationship. I shall know myself, living in truth and authenticity. Joining World Youth Alliance, I dedicate to educate youth about pro-life matters: human dignity, family planning, HIV, hormonal health, euthanasia, and suicide. Through training programs in schools and universities, I will empower the youth with knowledge of their worth. Education is the key to success. It unlocks minds and hearts. In all these, I find purpose and fulfillment, serving as an instrument of God’s love and grace. Amen.

Brandon Tauscher

As a graduate of the Tepeyac Leadership Institute and as Principal of the San Tan Charter School Power Campus, with Love, I will incorporate Catholic Social Teaching into the everyday operations of the school so to assist others to encounter God’s presence. This will include increasing the beauty of the school, promoting peace and the ideals of solidarity and the common good. Also, I will hold to account, with empathy, the rights and responsibilities of all staff, students, and parents to dedicate themselves to our work with integrity, to serve each person’s sense of dignity. This will occur while providing economic stewardship and justice for its people and organizational resources.

Erik Solenberger

I commit to becoming a practical, character-driven leader who is deeply connected to the community. By becoming that leader, I will be invited to join boards of influence to provide authentic Catholic leadership and guidance.

Jarred Sola

I commit to creating a cadence of Community Engagement for my organization in the Phoenix Market. The vision will be to amass a roster over 100 participating Partners to be guided by the words of St. Frances of Assisi “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if Necessary.” Secondly, I will be guided by the Holy Spirit and utilize the opportunities afforded by the Knights of Columbus to discern a Non—Profit board to join and influence to the way of His will by Christmas 2023.

Evan Siebenmorgen

As a leader, I am committed to uphold the teachings of the Church, integrating them into business practices, and promoting a culture of virtue, integrity, and social responsibility. I will create an organization for Catholic business professionals and owners to join together, share experiences, and collaborate. This organization will work to develop a set of standards to help guide Catholic professionals and business owners in all their business endeavors. Overall, this organization will strengthen the Catholic business ecosystem, enabling members to flourish while upholding the principles of our faith.

Teija Hanna Savolainen

God knew me before I was born and had a plan for me. It is an honor to be an instrument of His Love. After TLI sessions and deep reflections I will commit to these three objectives: (1) to develop dialogue between Abrahamic religions and all different ethnic and religious backgrounds, (2) to encourage people who suffer from addictions and mental health problems to engage in active meditation and prayerful life for rebuilding their relationship with God, (3) to strengthen networks in Scandinavia and Europe that promote Catholic values. Thank you, let us be light to the others!

Sarah Sahioun

My leadership commitment is to study towards a doctoral degree in the realm of science. I intend to prove through my research that the Catholic point of view on today’s issues is the most harmonious with the science and nature of the human body. My goal is to practically integrate this knowledge into the education system. And finally, through political engagement, I hope to influence policies and laws considering my research and Catholic teaching.

Wojciech Sachmata

First, I want to express how grateful I am to the Lord for the people who created TLI, especially for Cristofer who invited me to take part in this unique journey of the TLI cohort. As a next step after these six months of the TLI program, I commit myself to spend more time on my individual spiritual development through religious readings and to share that knowledge with others. Furthermore, I have become more aware of my duties to my family and how important it is to raise my children in a virtuous atmosphere. Last, I will get more involved in the life of my local church and spread the news about TLI there.

Xochitl Ruiz-Ramirez

I am committed to developing my understanding, involvement, and promotion of ESA-funded Micro-Schools. Micro-schools can be a promising environment for cultivating the Catholic faith in students. This model emerged after the pandemic, allowing families to educate their children as they see fit best. For lower-income and middle-class Catholic families, this allows their children to have an alternative educational opportunity. Through this model, students are self-directed and have more freedom and flexibility to explore their own special interests in and out of school. They also can foster communal prayer, worship, and study of the faith. My commitment is to advocate for Catholic ESA-funded Micro-schools by staying informed on political issues concerning ESA funds and Micro-schools, to conduct research on these initiatives, to explore collaborative opportunities to initiate partnerships, and to educate parents and the public on ESA funding opportunities.

Marco Primavera

I’m deeply thankful to the Lord for having sent TLI my way, and for allowing me a deep dive into the treasuries of the Catholic church, which I’ve learned of only as an adult. Now, as a husband and a father, working in the financial markets, I’m sure that TLI was not a coincidence in my life, but a clear call to serve as a Catholic leader in my family, in my parish but also in my workplace. Deepening the knowledge of the social doctrine and learning the amazing stories of real Catholic leaders has truly inspired me to commit in these spaces. I’d like to help young adults recognize that beauty in front of them which I too ignored for so long when I was outside the church. With the help of God, I will start a project in my parish and will become a reference for Catholics in my company, I also want to step up my commitment in the Italian prolife movement.

Fabrice Panato

I have to say that I did seek TLI. TLI found me. So many changes have come into my life since I started the selection process, my family received so many blessings, that I’m thankful to TLI and I always will be. I’m going to move to East France this summer, just after the TLI graduation, to start a new stage in my life. Nothing happens by chance; this is for sure God’s plan. So, my short-term leadership commitment is to continue my mission in this new area as a Black Sheep HDFC member to serve bikers and share the Gospel with them. I would like to help the diocese to give bikers the consideration they deserve. My long-term leadership commitment is to be part of an advisory board to promote the social doctrine of the Church in both secular & business worlds.

Adrian Pais

The TLI program has enriched my understanding of our faith in relation to the impact that lay people can create in the world. I feel inspired by the many interesting speakers, and I am privileged to be part of such a diverse cohort of people from across the globe. This has fueled my personal mission to help develop Catholic leaders by facilitating the TLI Noon (or “Rome evening”) track in 2024. Additionally, I am excited to deepen my TLI journey by playing a part in organizing the first-ever TLI retreat in Europe.

Richard Oyeleke

It is a much-appreciated opportunity to be part of the TLI program. Upon completion of this beautiful course, I look forward to implementing my leadership commitment. The vision and core values of Tepeyac so much resonate with me in my Nigerian context as it is much needed that Catholic professionals are well formed “with a spirit of charity, fidelity to the Magisterium and intellectual rigor…. to become virtuous leaders, while supporting the mission of the Church, influencing the culture, and serving the common good.” I commit to continuous learning and development in my professional and Catholic life. It is important I become abreast of recent developments and be able to offer solutions considering Catholic teaching. I commit to dedicate time to my catholic podcast, which is my way of teaching the world about the truths of the catholic faith. I commit to lead by example at my place of work and in my parish community. I commit to not hiding my talent when there is need for it on boards of companies and in my religious community. Thank you TLI for the privilege to be a part of the training. I am a proud alumnus already.

Eva Oueiss

In light of my vocation, I commit to nurturing education and human rights advocacy in my community and workplace through active and continuous dedication. I vow to invest my God-gifted talents in serving the Church’s mission through media and academia, empowering others to unleash their full potential. Hence, inspiring them to find purpose while contributing to building a world where all people can thrive in virtue, dignity, and peace.

Cindy Olivera

After prayerful discernment, my leadership commitment to TLI is to build and launch a Catholic homeschool group for bilingual families in the school year 2023-2024 with the objective of passing on the Catholic faith, creating a Catholic home culture, helping our children know, love and serve God, cultivating virtuous friendships, and the formation of both mind and soul.

Participating in Tepeyac has equipped me with the formation and mentorship to understand the desires that God has placed in my heart and accept the call to participate in God’s plan for our salvation through homeschooling my children and building His Kingdom through this new endeavor. ¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva Santa Maria Siempre Virgen!

Gianna Mooney

Matthew Kelly once said, “People won’t do anything until they are inspired. But once they are inspired, there is almost nothing they won’t do.” I commit to inspirational mentorship – inspiring teens and young adults through beautiful art. Each artwork will speak to a trauma that young people face. Using social media, I will mentor them, encourage them, and connect them with mental health resources so they can begin healing and reach their full potential. I will infuse my content and art with Catholic values so they will be drawn to Christ as the source of all inspiration.

Gonzalo Montero

My wife and I want to establish Family Enrichment USA Courses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Parenthood is a divine gift, and we want to help other parents understand and truly value their role in their own families and in the family culture in society. Recently, through Tepeyac Leadership, I was able to meet one of the sessions presenters, Nora Urrea, who currently serves as the National President of Family Enrichment USA. She is being very generous with her time and is open to help us coordinate bringing these courses, as early as September 2023, to the Phoenix metropolitan area. Making this a reality is my leadership commitment.

Maria Socorro Mendiola (Sockee)

I commit to promote the dignity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death. Life is a sacred gift from God. “For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). I plan to participate in prayer groups outside of abortion centers to pray for mothers, their unborn children and to end abortion. I will volunteer at pregnancy resource centers to provide educational material to the most vulnerable women in my community. I will also volunteer at youth groups to bring a better understanding of pro-life to the youth.

Maria Mejia

I commit to promote the dignity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death. Life is a sacred gift from God. “For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). I plan to participate in prayer groups outside of abortion centers to pray for mothers, their unborn children and to end abortion. I will volunteer at pregnancy resource centers to provide educational material to the most vulnerable women in my community. I will also volunteer at youth groups to bring a better understanding of pro-life to the youth.

John Michael Schmidt

Many college graduates begin their career with goals of secular success. While not a bad pursuit, it can lead to removing their faith from the equation. My commitment is to flip this by working with graduating seniors at my parish, located on a state university, teaching them how to live as authentic Catholic laypersons in the corporate world. I will use my knowledge from TLI, Church teaching, and witness of the saints to develop a multi-week program for students. This program will help them transition out of college to understand the sanctity of work and provide tools for lifelong discipleship

Alexandra Lopez Jimenez

As an active lay person in my community, I would like to contribute as a philanthropist by connecting with the local community organizations that I am passionate about, the first one is Maggie’s Place. I am passionate about this organization because it caters to single moms and their children. I am passionate about this cause because it hits a personal story on my part. Such organizations like this one, The Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul have helped create safe environments for women and children in need. I would like to use my faith and energy to help these organizations, especially with our immigration and minority communities.

Jerry LoCoco

My leadership commitment is to form a community foundation (Causa Sui Foundation “CSF”) in Yuma County Arizona. CSF’s mission is to improve border communities through virtuous action rooted in Faith, Hope, and Love. By improving properties and removing blight, exterior improvement of the lived environment and interior improvement of those living in the community, will incrementally grow and support the other. As the interior and exterior improvements multiply, so too will the quality of life and conditions to promote human flourishing. This virtuous cycle of progress will breed Hope, Faith, and Love, and will help the region attract and retain young, talented people, the lifeblood of any community.  And as Yuma County continues to function as a safe place of opportunity to raise and support families, it will promote long term stability in Arizona and the country. Like Alyosha in Brothers Karamazov, who said, “I cannot give two rubles instead of all, and instead of ‘follow’ me just go to the Sunday liturgy” this is my commitment to be and do more for God and Man.

Maria Gaaba Lakel

Following my Leadership formation with TLI, I have been blessed and honored to reflect on my leadership obligation not just in church but in my profession. My commitment to God, the church and to my community is to serve God through my profession as a communications person, writer, and storyteller. I commit to use my time, presence, and workspace to evangelize through my behavior towards my peers, work deliverables and word of mouth. I commit to talk about my relationship with God boldly and confidently and to pray daily and often during work breaks. I have resolved to use half of my lunch time break for lunch hour mass. I commit to reading the word of God daily and to make it the lamp onto my feet and the light onto my path. I also commit to serve the church by being faithful in paying my tithe, caring for the needy and enhancing the mission of the church through discipleship, first in my own marriage, family and friends and then to the entire community. I will also recommend Tepeyac leadership to my workmates and friends.

Joe Langenderfer

TLI has been an illuminating and peace-filled experience for which I’m most grateful. The most significant takeaway from TLI has been my re-introduction to God the Holy Spirit. TLI has helped condition me to pray more often to the Holy Spirit and remain vigilant of God’s direction. To that end, I am committed to actively seek board membership in a local business group, local and national trade associations related to my vocation as well as a Catholic Retreat Center. My ultimate goal is to help create the first Chapter of Serra International in our diocese and state.

Christine Lacayo

I commit to building a conscious Catholic community on a regenerative farm, a Catholic sanctuary embracing a regenerative way of living on earth and in our hearts. It will be built with zero waste materials, run on 100% clean energy, source its own water and food, and protect vast acres of deeply biodiverse rainforests and coastlines. We will build a chapel for people to worship, work with local fishermen and farmers to lift people out of poverty, provide families with a Catholic homeschooling cooperative, and allow fragile ecosystems to thrive through a faith-driven regenerative living model. I also commit to being a TLI facilitator for the 2024 cohort!

Bachir Kallas

I want to start out by saying how grateful I am for TLI. My heart has been awakened spiritually during the past five months because of this journey, which has also given me the professional abilities I need to do my job every day. I promise to use my resources to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. Because of this, I decided to start where I am and demonstrate Jesus in the financial sphere through a financial literacy course for non-financial people based on the six principles of the Catholic Church and supported by several biblical passages. This endeavor will help me grow closer to my Lord Jesus Christ and enable others to learn something new about his life. Additionally, this commitment will mark a significant turning point in a lengthy journey where Jesus is constantly present, walking alongside each of us, something that carries us to the cross so that we can experience the resurrection with him.

Joby Jose

My personal mission is to foster a movement of solidarity within my Catholic network, uniting believers in a shared purpose of supporting the Church’s mission to boldly proclaim the truth without being threatened by the dependencies of this world. Drawing inspiration from Sirach 4:28, “Strive for the truth unto death, and the Lord will fight for you,” and Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens…,” I want to foster solidarity through which the necessary mental, spiritual, and physical support will be provided to fellow Catholics to fulfill the Great Commission.

Dr. Jing-yee Hung

As my leadership commitment, I pledge to dedicate my life to working for the Lord. As a Catholic Doctor, I vow to promote and defend human dignity by applying catholic bioethics directives. I acknowledge my vocation to a humanitarian mission. I will care for the poor so that the right of each person to basic health care is respected. By protecting the fundamental rights of all individuals, I will contribute to the common good. I will use my experience as a medical doctor to inform and dissuade requests for medical procedures contrary to the moral teachings of the Church. I will take on a more public speaking role in society; join catholic education school boards and apply to be a local magistrate.

Sharon Hoffman

I committed to living my life for Jesus as a member of the Catholic Church in 1977. My faith, my marriage, my family, and my work have always been ways to serve and grow in holiness. But I must admit it’s been difficult seeing some of the changes in today’s ever growing secular climate. Participating in the TLI program has been both refreshing and encouraging. The program is rich in content and faithful to authentic Church teaching, with a very balanced approach to faith and work. I am truly grateful to have met so many people who are dedicated to growing in holiness through everyday work and responsibilities. Although we’ve raised our kids, I commit to continue nurturing the faith in our grandkids, serve my parish, support my local crisis-pregnancy counseling group, and continue to build a construction business for the glory of God. Whatever else God has for me, I pray for the grace to be open to His Holy Spirit and willing to serve Him, whichever way He calls me!

Chris Hoffman

I will strive to love my wife and strengthen our marriage through prayer, self-sacrifice, fasting and developing mutual interest for the sake of unity and contentment. I am committed to building family faith and culture with my children, in-laws, and grandchildren through personal development with each of my family members showing genuine interest in each of them. Family celebration, adventure, working together and prayer are all opportunities to build strong family relationships. I will dedicate myself to building a culture of the Holy Spirit; evangelizing others through my conduct, words of counsel encouragement, and by listening. I will strive for servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus. In business I will practice Christian professional conduct, quick to engage others, with a focus on details, quality workmanship and faithfulness to finances, all key to intentional leadership. Family, culture, and business are all organic ways for me to love God and my fellow man and to be a leader.

Matt Hayes

The Holy Spirit has been very generous to the diocese of Nashville throughout the last few decades. We find ourselves incredibly blessed with a good bishop, strong priests as well as growth and vigor within the laity. My leadership commitment will be a response to these gifts and talents we’ve been entrusted with.  First, I recommit to my wife and family as my top priority. Second, I will work to strengthen and grow ecclesial and human development initiatives throughout the diocese with specific focus on Leadership Catholic.

Belem Gonzalez Gallaga

TLI was a blessing and I feel so grateful to this great family because I had the opportunity to grow spiritually and learn from the experiences and wisdom that other lay Catholic professionals. My leadership commitment is to apply everything I have learned in my digital evangelization project called “Gracia y Virtud”, continuing with the mission of sharing the Word of God and His fatherly love through art and creativity. I will search every day for inspiration from the Holy Spirit to create music, videos, animations, and more, so that His Love and His message can touch those hearts that still do not know Him or who, like me in the past, are living a lukewarm faith. I know that one word from Him is enough to change our whole life.

Dorothy Godines

One thing that I feel is lacking in today’s church is an understanding of mental health and God’s plan for it in our lives. My leadership commitment is to begin a non-profit organization that will bring awareness of mental health within the church. This organization will allow for Catholics to gain a deeper understanding of how our mental health issues can be redeemed and lead us to flourishing. One of the programs I will cultivate is a scholarship fund to help Catholic missionaries receive mental health support, such as therapy and psychiatric services, while they serve those around them. Another aspect of the organization will be to promote a healthy understanding of sexuality and identity in adolescents. Last, I will create a podcast and webinars to help others understand that as a Catholic you do not need to choose between mental health or spirituality, you can have both.

Rafania El Daccache

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

My commitment is to witness to the Resurrection of Jesus through my everyday life and through the example I set to others. I commit to transmit all that I gained through my profession. As a learning and development manager, I commit to volunteer in youth groups and parishes to transfer the knowledge I received. In addition, in my work and social life, I will live my mission of creating a better world through developing people spiritually, socially, and psychologically.

Matthew Doeing

For my Tepeyac Leadership Initiative leadership-commitment, I would like to develop and write one article a month, for a year, for a Substack or a similar online writing platform. The idea will be to write articles that reflect God’s Truth, as well as the mercy of God, while honoring Catholic teaching.  Theology may also be explored, as well as articles that in some way touch upon modern culture or modern societal issues.

Mark Dobeck

The TLI program is tremendously enlightening and inspirational. I better understand that being Catholic is an action-based, totally integrated way of life, manifest through God’s plan. I will accept challenges as opportunities to apply Catholic doctrine as an active participant, not a spectator. I will use the gifts, education, experience, and skills endowed by God to teach, lecture, write, and/or conduct research for a Catholic educational institution. It’s an open offer. I will exemplify being Catholic in union with the living word. I recognize the power of prayer and will pray every day. I am a man of God and man for God.

Sarah Dao-Bai

I commit to continue pursuing Business as a Vocation. With the help of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I commit to helping form the next generations of virtuous business professionals and leaders. I desire to use my coaching skills, business experience, and pastoral ministry training to assist those feeling lost, uplift the discouraged, and empower others to cast an exciting vision for their future. Finally, I commit to paying it forward by teaching, mentoring, and helping others in need of practical assistance or guidance.

Delphine Chui

TLI was the formation and fellowship I needed, especially after spending my 20s as a mainstream magazine journalist. Having experienced cancel culture at the hands of the secular media industry for my pro-life views, I was tempted to be a quiet Catholic. I lost work, friends, and confidence. But everything God stripped from my life; He continues to give back tenfold. I am now a content creator, a Catholic speaker and work for a Christian organization that advocates for God’s truths to flourish. My leadership commitment is to share my testimony to help encourage a bold – rather than quiet –Body of Christ.

Mario Cerda

First, I would like to thank the TLI team, especially Cristofer, who never gave up on me. The TLI programme has been an incredible experience of finding Jesus in my fellow brothers around the world, who share the same love and passion for God. As a Catholic professional, I commit to serve with humility and love. I will lead by example. I will never put material interest over a person’s dignity. Moreover, I will use my position as leader to help others develop their own beings into divine greatness.

Renee Carmine-Jones

Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” I thank God for TLI initiatives through which my responsibility to peaceful prayer was magnified, so Jesus, not “I”, can bring the Catechism to my family and neighbor. With humility, patience, discipline, it is my time to slow down, listen, love and be loved by Jesus. It will take all I have to commit to trusting in Jesus, being fully present for my family, peaceful, loving in each moment, avoiding the shiny distractions of false charity of my “world saver” ego drama. TLI leaders, past & present, have clearly been transformed and blessed by their TLI experience and have inspired me to follow Jesus through a total surrender to love, prayer, and adoration, and to my responsibility as a daughter, wife, and mother, for the greater glory of God (AMDG).

Enrico Calini

TLI has truly been a great gift and a blessing from the Lord God and Our Lady, one I didn’t even know I was longing for. First, I commit to live out my Confirmation by being a servant leader wherever I will fare in my personal, civil, and business life. May I never lack the humility to do so. By His Mercy in particular I desire to commit to use the talents I have received, specially to upholding the dignity of the worker in all my current and future capacities.

Chad Brown

Participating in TLI has been a spiritually energizing and enlivening experience that I will always carry with me. As a Tepeyac Leader, I am committing to forming a Christian community within my workplace to glorify God in prayer, word, fellowship, and good works. My goal is that this effort will lead to the establishment of a formal Business Resource Group for Christians at my workplace; an ecumenical network of like-minded individuals who share similar values and are united in faith. My aspirational commitment is to bring this model of evangelization into workplaces across the globe.

Soraya Bravo

I have lived the TLI experience with great joy, expanding my knowledge of the Catholic faith, among kind and sharp professionals. Concluding the program, I commit to seeking the Lord’s face in my daily work and vocation as a mother. I will continue to exert my talents as a communicator and educator, giving the best of me to benefit my community with my bilingual skills. I will additionally seek to serve a nonprofit that supports family values, which I believe are at the heart of society. Considering my personal experience, I have much to offer in this realm.

Elaine Biggs

Elaine M. Biggs’ personal commitment involves a three-tier approach. In the short term, I will further study and strengthen my spiritual background to encompass a full deep study of Catholic Catechism and Catholic Bible, how to be a disciple, how to handle difficult questions and Mariology. Intermediate Term: I will join a local school board to help shape the curriculum. Serve as a board member for a minimum of three years. In the long term, I will review and study the process for running for local civic duties using the guideline and processes shared by former Representative Dan Lipinski during his TLI presentation. If feasible, determine a plan to run.

Gift Barine Ekun

Through TLI, I have gained broad knowledge on topics surrounding various spheres, and this has improved my confidence as a young Catholic woman to answer the call to action in areas that need to be addressed. From my position as a pharmacist, my leadership commitment is to be closer to individuals as they bring their medical problems to me. I will also provide psychological support, especially to girls living with STI’s and those considering abortion, by enhancing their spiritual knowledge, so they understand the immorality behind such an act. I will support the rural communities in Nigeria, by providing accessible healthcare to avoid preventable deaths. This will be done by creating a database of patients living with chronic ailments, organizing and being part of a community outreach to enhance health education.

Teresa Beamonte

I want to express my gratitude to TLI for the opportunity to delve into such current and engaging topics throughout the sessions and for meeting such valuable people. Personally, I would like to contribute with my professional experience at TLI’s service to help spread the message in Spanish-speaking countries through the recently published book. I commit to working on the Spanish-version of the book.

Paul Arias

My leadership commitment will include the development of a framework that helps institutions enable a sacramental level life at all levels of civic and social life. My prayer is that this framework helps institutions become bearers of and witness to the healing power of the light of Christ, and lead to a civilization of Charity.

Gabrielle Angresano

My leadership commitment after graduating from TLI will be to involve myself in a future board membership in my personal and professional communities to further spread the joy of the Gospel and Spirit of Christ. In today’s culture, it is imperative that a young adult is a strong witness to the healing powers of God’s goodness despite the world’s imperfections. I am excited to walk forward with the knowledge and peace of knowing that I am not alone in my convictions and faith, as God is with me as well as the entire TLI community.

Josephine Neema Amaniyo

I work with Catholic Campus Students Mission Uganda, (CCSMU) to empower university students to participate in evangelization, challenging them to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith and become leaders for the renewal of the world. As a result of my journey with TLI, I commit to develop new ideas that will help mentor university students find their uniqueness, connecting them to the specific needs in society that God’s calling them to solve through self-discovery programs.


Victoria Adekoya

My commitment is to try to spend time in prayer discerning God’s Will. I will try to use what I have learnt through the program to help serve the Catholic Church. I will seek opportunities to volunteer with Catholic/Christian organizations and serve others. 

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