At an early age I began serving my local parish, and at the time of my confirmation, my faith became an immovable part of my everyday life thanks to many great leaders in the church. I have now served in multiple leadership roles and have worked as a Diocesan employee for over 3 years. God’s grace has given me skills in the areas of IT/AV, finance, and creative media; with which I intend to make a true impact on my local community and this Holy Church as far as the Lord allows me. My passion for Young Adult Ministry and Catechetical Ministry is moving me to create new programs for continuing formation and community service through leadership roles in my Diocese. Furthermore, I seek to assist in the development of “Omnia Catholic,” an organization that is creating unique web-based platforms to connect Catholics to resources, events, and programs like TLI. My mission is to glorify God and mobilize strong Catholics in the public square through the tradition and beauty of the Church; always with humility, and the sufficiency of His Grace.

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