My employer, Republic Services, Inc. has several employee resources groups, available company wide. Like nearly all these organizations of corporate America, these groups are rather “woke,” politically charged (in some format or another), and stem from intersectional characteristics (race, gender, sexuality, etc.). There is not yet any kind of religious group for employees to take advantage of on their own time at the workplace. This afternoon, I’ve reached out to the Diversity & Inclusion office to request the documentation required to establish an employee Christian network. The purpose of this group is to not only provide employees the information of other Christians at work, but how to share and spread our message in the current cultural crises we face; how to practice our faith in a hyper secular environment. While my initial intent is to engage in dialogue with Christians at the office, other denominations (e.g., Catholics) from this will be discovered. There is the potential for activities, events, and other means of fellowship.


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