As a graduate of TLI, my commitment will be to apply what I have learned from the stellar trainers in our program to my work as a Director with Legal Shield Services. I will strive to share my faith more boldly with my clients and fellow Associates. More importantly, I am going to recommit to receiving our Lord at daily Mass so that I can carry our Lord with me to all I encounter. I will also apply my newly learned membership skills to my work with Consecrate California, which I am the Spokesperson for. Being that there are nearly 10 million Catholics in California, there is hope for our State. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the prayers of the saints for which so many of our cities are named, and the help of as many on fire Catholic Californians as possible, we hope to someday see the soul of California converted back to her Catholic roots! Let us continue the work of the great St. Junipero Sierra. Siempre Adelante!


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