My leadership commitment is to form a community foundation (Causa Sui Foundation “CSF”) in Yuma County Arizona. CSF’s mission is to improve border communities through virtuous action rooted in Faith, Hope, and Love. By improving properties and removing blight, exterior improvement of the lived environment and interior improvement of those living in the community, will incrementally grow and support the other. As the interior and exterior improvements multiply, so too will the quality of life and conditions to promote human flourishing. This virtuous cycle of progress will breed Hope, Faith, and Love, and will help the region attract and retain young, talented people, the lifeblood of any community.  And as Yuma County continues to function as a safe place of opportunity to raise and support families, it will promote long term stability in Arizona and the country. Like Alyosha in Brothers Karamazov, who said, “I cannot give two rubles instead of all, and instead of ‘follow’ me just go to the Sunday liturgy” this is my commitment to be and do more for God and Man.

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