Following my Leadership formation with TLI, I have been blessed and honored to reflect on my leadership obligation not just in church but in my profession. My commitment to God, the church and to my community is to serve God through my profession as a communications person, writer, and storyteller. I commit to use my time, presence, and workspace to evangelize through my behavior towards my peers, work deliverables and word of mouth. I commit to talk about my relationship with God boldly and confidently and to pray daily and often during work breaks. I have resolved to use half of my lunch time break for lunch hour mass. I commit to reading the word of God daily and to make it the lamp onto my feet and the light onto my path. I also commit to serve the church by being faithful in paying my tithe, caring for the needy and enhancing the mission of the church through discipleship, first in my own marriage, family and friends and then to the entire community. I will also recommend Tepeyac leadership to my workmates and friends.

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