I committed to living my life for Jesus as a member of the Catholic Church in 1977. My faith, my marriage, my family, and my work have always been ways to serve and grow in holiness. But I must admit it’s been difficult seeing some of the changes in today’s ever growing secular climate. Participating in the TLI program has been both refreshing and encouraging. The program is rich in content and faithful to authentic Church teaching, with a very balanced approach to faith and work. I am truly grateful to have met so many people who are dedicated to growing in holiness through everyday work and responsibilities. Although we’ve raised our kids, I commit to continue nurturing the faith in our grandkids, serve my parish, support my local crisis-pregnancy counseling group, and continue to build a construction business for the glory of God. Whatever else God has for me, I pray for the grace to be open to His Holy Spirit and willing to serve Him, whichever way He calls me!

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