Questions from Pastors

Is TLI for parish staff?


The real question is, does the prospective TLI program participant, who now works at a parish/diocese want to work in the secular world? If the answer is yes, then absolutely, they should participate in the program. TLI is probably not a good fit for a lay person who has made out his/her mind about building a career working for the Church. TLI is also not for clergy.

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Who in my parish is the right fit for TLI?


TLI is a perfect fit for Catholics who come to Mass regularly but have not shown much interest in ministry or apostolate work. TLI is also for Catholics who are somewhat involved in the parish, but more interested in leadership development from a career standpoint. They identify strongly as Catholics but seek the Church primarily to receive the sacraments. TLI wants to show them how to turn their professional field into their field of mission through civic leadership.

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What should I expect when I recommend a parishioner attend TLI?


TLI is the perfect place to send those Catholics who are working professionals, not necessarily interested in ministry or parish work. Through TLI, participants learn how to guide their careers by their Catholic faith. Moreover, TLI graduates turn their professional careers into their apostolate, supporting the mission of the Church and advancing the common good. This is a great place to send Catholics in the professional world to grow in their faith and become Catholic leaders ready to make an impact in the community.

What should I expect when I recommend a parishioner attend TLI?2021-08-04T21:04:06+00:00
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