The purpose of the Tepeyac Leadership Society is to foster a spirit of loyalty and advance Tepeyac Leadership, Inc.’s mission of delivering civic leadership development to lay Catholic professionals in the U.S. and beyond. This is accomplished primarily through financial support which comes in the way of membership dues. The Tepeyac Leadership Society supports TLI’s mission and strengthens ties between TLI alumni, the Church, and the community.

Members of the Tepeyac Leadership Society are our most loyal supporters and TLI’s most intentional ambassadors. The society helps TLI in multiple ways, such as with mentoring, networking, financially and creating a culture of strong lay Catholic leadership.

A culture of generosity permeates the TLI family, as the desire to give back is a proud part of the Catholic tradition. There are many ways in which you can show TLI pride and passion by giving back, whether it’s a donation of your time or resources. You can help transform the lives of other lay Catholic professionals today who thirst for a sense of purpose many have found through TLI. Membership funds go toward the cost of forming the next generation of lay Catholic leaders. In addition, your support helps increase the stature of our leadership program, through continuous improvement of all its components.

Most importantly, the society helps make TLI accessible to a greater proportion of participants from different socioeconomic backgrounds; ensuring more of them graduate. Your philanthropic effort through the Tepeyac Leadership Society accelerates TLI’s progress and mission. As a member, you take part in our vision for TLI’s future and ensure that the values that have made our program unique and prestigious continue to guide us for years to come.