The St. Juan Diego Leadership for the World Award (SJLWA) recognizes lay Catholic leaders in any field of social, professional, cultural and political life, for acting in accordance with–and courageously promoting–the truth and the law brought by Jesus Christ to mankind. Every year the board of directors of TLI proudly award the SJLWA.

  • Jon Sorensen | 2022 Awardee

    Jon Sorensen is chief operating officer for Catholic Answers, a position he has held since 2017. His primary responsibilities include oversight of the radio, video, marketing, publications, and information technology departments.

  • Mary Eberstadt | 2022 Awardee

    Mary Eberstadt holds the Panula Chair in Christian Culture at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, DC, and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute. An essayist, novelist, and frequent public speaker, she is author of several influential books of non-fiction...

  • Christopher Dodson | 2022 Awardee

    Christopher Dodson is the Executive Director and General Counsel for the North Dakota Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of the Catholic bishops of North Dakota.

  • Dr. Arturo and Mrs. Letty Ibarra | 2021 Awardees

    Mrs. Letty Ibarra is a former franchise owner and operator of three Carl’s Jr. Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta & Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Dr. Arturo Ibarra has practiced general dentistry in two locations in the East Angeles area since 1977. Born In Guadalajara, Mexico, he moved to East Los Angeles at the age of six.

  • Dr. Maria Chavira | 2021 Awardee

    Dr. Maria R. Chavira has served the Diocese of Phoenix as the Chancellor since 2013. In her role as the Chancellor, she assists the bishop in the oversight of the official archives of the Diocese of Phoenix in accord with Canon Law.

  • Justice William Montgomery | 2020 Awardee

    William Montgomery is a justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. He previously served as the County Attorney for Maricopa County from 2010 to 2019.

  • Alan Sears | 2019 Awardee

    Alan Sears serves as Founder of Alliance Defending Freedom. As its first president, CEO, and general counsel, Sears led all strategic initiatives from 1993-2017.