Bill Haley combines education and sales in every facet of his career to elevate the lives of everyone he meets. As a school leader in Great Hearts Academies, he communicates a compelling vision of the importance of classical education catered to parents, teachers, students, or other major stakeholders. As a teacher, he opens the minds of adolescents to see the personal significance of perennial questions that have touched hearts and minds for millennia. As a real estate professional and Phoenix native, Bill is the agent who cultivates lifelong relationships of high integrity and great value for his clients.

Bill’s secret power is balancing a successful real estate business with leading a high-octane classical school and his wonderful family. Bill’s greatest success in sales was when he sealed the deal and his wife signed their marriage certificate in 1999. She has blessed both Bill and the Church with 10 great children. Undoubtedly, after Our Lord and Our Lady, Maureen is the real secret to Bill’s strength. The Haley children range from a 22-year-old who is about to graduate from the University of Dallas to a toddler who is about to graduate from diapers. His family are parishioners at St. Daniel the Prophet.

Bill started his career in education at St. Daniel the Prophet Roman Catholic Church, where he served as Director of Religious Education for 7 years. As both a catechist and trainer of catechists, he has taught the Faith to every age level, from little children to professionals and retirees. He is a Catholic speaker, and an adjunct instructor at the Kino Institute for the Diocese of Phoenix.

In 2010, Bill joined the classical education movement to cultivate hearts and minds through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty at Great Hearts Academies. Through opening souls to truths on the order of reason that never fade, he fosters the taste for truth in a non-sectarian, public-school setting.

As a school leader, Bill is known for hiring practices that maintain a vision focus and elevates the culture of the entire community. It is Bill’s deep conviction that one of the biggest responsibilities of a leader is to cultivate the right culture and hire for mission fit above any other ‘skill’.

It is an honor for Bill to be on the TLI panel today.


  • Runs a successful real estate business

  • School leader in Great Hearts Academies