Brenda Lorena García is a Latina-American Stuntwoman, Actress, and Award-winning Multi- Media Journalist. Worked in broadcasting media for about six years. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Brenda has always had a passion and love for faith, service, filmmaking, action and performance. She has been featured in television shows, feature films, national commercials, video games, talk & radio shows, newscasts, podcasts, and much more. Some of her stunt and acting work can be seen on Marvel’s “Ant-man and the Wasp,” Bird Box,” “Transformers: The Last Knight,” “Avatar 2,” and “Hawaii Five-0,” just to name a few.

Brenda has always had a heart for humanity. She works and gives herself as a Philanthropist, Public Speaker and Host, serving underrepresented populations in her free time and having spoken to large crowds at schools, conventions, retreats and professional seminars. She actively volunteers at many panels while reaching out and helping underprivileged communities, in which she uses skills learned from her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology to assist those in more need of guidance, compassion, faith, encouragement and inspiration. She became aware of her profound love for Christ at a very young age when she began dialoging with Jesus and started writing in her journal.

After having traveled the world in honor of her career and for her service projects, Brenda is convinced that love is truly the answer to the world’s problems and needs. She knows it’s the compelling agape love and self-denial that God alone reveals to us and that by His grace, can be shared with and among others. Brenda is currently an active fellow and participant of the Leonine Forum, a Co-Operator with Opus Dei and an Ambassador/Spokesperson with Saxum YPS (Young Professional Symposium). All in all, Brenda is incredibly grateful to be able to use her faith, zest for life, talents and abilities wherever she goes to help others in need and inspire them to chase their dreams, spread the good news and will good for one another. Her message to everyone is to know that they are loved, appreciated, valued, and cherished because “no effort based on love is ever wasted.”


  • Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology