Felix Guillermo is a husband, father principal, son, brother, friend, coach, and most importantly a child of God and disciple of Jesus Christ. His faith guides everything he does.

Born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic. They arrived in the United States determined to give their future children a better life and instilled in Guillermo a healthy fear of God, a profound sense of morality, a strong work ethic.

Missing mass or not praying a nightly family rosary were unacceptable at home. Performing poorly in school was not an option. Felix first job was at the supermarket packing bags for tips at 11 years old. By 13 and throughout high school, he worked at a local pharmacy delivering medicines. When he began college, Felix worked at the Body Shop, a retail chain.

At work, Felix received promotions and raises quickly becoming a store manager within 2 years. College however was another story. The distractions of a college campus caused him to fail classes. He dropped out of school but was successful at work for 7 years with the same company. His father’s sudden passing from a stroke led Felix to move to California where he got married, rediscovered his faith and began a path to a new career in education.

Felix then went back to school and graduated with a degree in History and began to teach. Later he earned a master’s degree in Education Administration and became the principal of a preschool thru 8th grade Catholic school in the San Fernando Valley, where he now applies all his of life experiences to help make young disciples for Christ and his Church.


  • Graduated college with a degree in History

  • Master’s degree in Education Administration