Isaac Cuevas arrived in Los Angeles when he was two years old, as a hand-holding child alongside his mother, Tina. They entered the United States on a tourist visa and overstayed, living in the country as undocumented immigrants for several years. During the Reagan administration, Mr. Cuevas and his mother were among the 3 million people who qualified and applied for the legalization program, providing them with a path to citizenship.

Mr. Cuevas is now the director the Office of Immigration Affairs for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The Office of Immigration Affairs was created as part of Archbishop Gomez’ vision for helping our parishes and people in the community with immigration issues. The office serves three purposes:

  1. Provides a variety of resources on the topic of immigration and faithful citizenship
  2. Helps our Catholic community understand the journey of immigrants and provides a pastoral understanding of migration.
  3. Advocacy for immigration reform among our legislators.

As the director of this office, Mr. Cuevas is responsible for carrying out the vision of Archbishop Gomez for comprehensive reform. His office has developed a network of community leaders that implement workshops, develop programs, and provide resources for the largest immigrant community in the country. In addition to community outreach, Mr. Cuevas works as an immigration advocate, serving as the voice for the Archdiocese among policy leaders and civil rights groups.


  • Director Immigration Affairs for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles