Jordan Turel has spent 20 years serving within program and project roles within business and nonprofit industries. Jordan thrives in drawing together talented teams and delivering impactful results through project leadership, strategic business analysis and executive advisement.

A few career accomplishments include:

  • Introduced systematic change for the entire Oregon foster care system (7,000 families) with first-ever online anti-sex trafficking training reaching all Oregon foster care families and caregivers (3rd state in US to do so). (Door to Grace)
  • Managed the highest performing team in the nation, from inception, to meet deadlines in closing 15,000+ customer cases, complying with federal regulations and saving bank millions of dollars as part of a change management effort. Piloted efficiencies that guided results, provided ongoing customer ROI, value proposition and business goals that placed value on client relationship. (Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Increased overall non-profit fundraising 30% within four years and achieved top non-profit fund-raiser award for three consecutive years out of 23 BSA executives. (Boy Scouts of America)

Jordan is an MBA graduate from the University of Portland. In his off time, he loves exploring and adventuring with his grade school aged son.


  • MBA graduate from the University of Portland