Philip Tirone has a unique background in creating an emotional bond between a company and its target client base using direct marketing techniques, powerful written-word strategies, and data analytics.

Philip is the ultimate comeback kid. He was denied entrance into all universities except one, which accepted him on the condition that he enrolled in remedial English. Four years later, he graduated from Arizona State University as Man of the Year.

Philip believes that unique situations create an exceptional man. As a young man, he volunteered in Calcutta with Mother Teresa. He once lived in an 800-square-foot home in Mexico with nine people and no running water. He almost entered the Catholic seminary; when he realized he was not being called to the priesthood, he created a program that increased enrollment to the priesthood for the Los Angeles diocese by 500 percent in two years.

He is a devoted Catholic and creator of Precarii, an intercessory prayer phone app that allows users to pray for each other from around the world. He also serves on the Governing Board of Directors of Great Hearts Charter School Organization in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently is Chairman of Sunrise for Rural Dwellers, which is a non-profit that brings healthcare to rural Nigeria.


  • Graduated in remedial English from Arizona State University