Thomas is a CPA who has worked as a top financial officer for over 30 years, and currently serves as CFO of a Healthcare not-for-profit organization with services across the USA. Thomas has been active in real estate transactions for nonprofit organizations for over 20 years, which included board of director training and strategic planning.

The organizations he has served with include capital campaigns for Charter Schools, Federal Qualified Health centers, Community Development Corporations, and HUD housing projects. Names of nonprofit organizations that Thomas has served as a Board member, Consultant, or Officer, include, Valle del Sol, Exito inc., Recovery Innovations Inc., Quality Care Network, Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes, Serra International, NCLR (Unidos US).

He has emphasized bringing capital to nonprofit service programs requires compliance with 990 and fiscal audits for organizations across the USA. Thomas is a Knight of the Holy Sculpture of Jerusalem and has been a member of the East Valley Serra Phoenix, Arizona club since 2002, and during this time has been instrumental in the formation of two new Serra clubs in the Diocese of Phoenix. He volunteers his time in various Phoenix Diocese roles, lay associations, and related charitable and non-profit organizations. Thomas has been married to Rosemary for 40 years, and has 5 children and 12 grandchildren.


  • Top financial officer for over 30 years
  • CFO of a Healthcare not-for-profit organization with 1100 employees in 5 states and services across the USA
  • Knight of the Holy Sculpture of Jerusalem
  • Member of the SERRA International board of directors, and one of 2 co-Counsellors of the equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher for the Phoenix Diocese