The sessions were extremely helpful in both building my confidence in my knowledge of Church teaching and in my confidence in my own ability to lead. I have already recommended this program to multiple friends and cannot give it a higher endorsement!

Bill Fathauer

The sessions were great! I loved the community aspect, and mostly I’m excited to know that this program is not over. I’m glad that I can continue to grow and to learn from my peers.

Jenn Miraval

The day long retreat was absolutely amazing. The monitor did an excellent job facilitating discussions and keeping everyone on track and on time. The flow of the program seemed to have a very natural progression of topics, and I learned a lot.

Katrina Winn

I went into TLI with a very rigid mindset on what my vocation and calling for life looked like. Because of TLI the Lord used the speakers, people in my own life, and opportunities to invite me to look differently at how I live out my life, as a leader. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Miranda Maciel

I think the organization was on point. The mission was very much explained and felt that the program hit its mark.

Brian Rosario

I loved the table activities, the topics and overall the opportunity as a whole was a blessing! Thank God for the opportunity to participate!

Maria Escarcega

All topics were critical and very relevant, impacting our Catholic commitment within our community.

Ricardo Contreras

All the sessions were amazing! Thank you for sharing the blessings!

Norma Carrillo

The speakers were excellent, the readings well-chosen and thoughtful, and the topics relevant. I had an exceptional experience with TLI. No other program brings together professional development, faith formation, and networking like TLI.

Andrew Lishko

From start to finish I was extremely excited to learn more from professionals practicing their faith in the secular world. From the monitor’s time keeping to his swift, corrective yet gentle corrections- all were executed with grace and a holy tenacity. Thank you to all those who made this possible.

Pedro Gutierrez

Overall, it was an amazing experience. The group sessions were great, the Q&A’s, the materials… everything. Thank you again for this amazing program. I’m telling everyone about it!

Gustavo Estrella

Strengthened my faith. Connected me with friends who support my faith and gave me the courage to defend my faith. Taught me values. The monitor had great leadership, strict but funny and friendly, a perfect combination. I can appreciate and respect the effort it took to bring this program together. Excellent, high ranking speakers. Learned how to incorporate faith into my profession and that it’s okay to be successful for the right reasons. The Virtuous Leadership retreat was amazing.

Rafael Testai

All of the sessions were on point, well selected, organized, and well prepared. They were all professional and spiritual. I am leaving hungry for more. Very grateful to know that opportunities to continue were available to us, most importantly our commitments. I have a list of great Catholics friends that will benefit from this opportunity. Recruitment, believe me, will not be a problem. But I will pray! Thanks to God and every hand who made this possible!

Dulce Hernandez

This was the best faith formation experience I’ve ever been blessed to be a part of. All of the curriculum was extremely relevant and beneficial. I’ve learned so much about our Catholic Faith and realize how little I knew before. The monitor did a superb job facilitating, summarizing and directing conversations. Well, well done!!!!

Javier Espinoza

The entire program was very well organized, and our curriculum was excellent.

Benny Morel