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A Sacramental View of Professionalism in Dress


by Mari Price We have all heard the classic case for professional dress, right? It's a familiar suggestion that we take as bible truth, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Magazines, instagram, and blogs galore will flood you with fashion tips nauseating enough to make you want to tip the scale to the other side and reject it all. We might think it virtuous to reject what appears to be materialism, to subscribe to a "higher view" that what really counts is how productive we are, how well we do our job, how [...]

A Sacramental View of Professionalism in Dress2021-10-26T22:12:23+00:00

What Do Sales and the Gospel Have In Common?


Disclaimer: This blog post is not about selling indulgences. “The Catholic Church does not now nor has it ever approved the sale of indulgences. This is to be distinguished from the undeniable fact that individual Catholics (perhaps the best known of them being the German Dominican Johann Tetzel [1465-1519]) did sell indulgences–but in doing so they acted contrary to explicit Church regulations. This practice is utterly opposed to the Catholic Church’s teaching on indulgences, and it cannot be regarded as a teaching or practice of the Church.” (https://www.catholic.com/qa/does-the-catholic-church-still-sell-indulgences) When I was in University, people naturally asked me what I majored [...]

What Do Sales and the Gospel Have In Common?2021-02-02T17:44:29+00:00

Disciples in Training


This was the speech given by Denise Barajas, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2020 in California, at the graduation ceremony for the 2020 TLI cohort in California. ___ Good evening, everyone. I am honored to be named the first president of the Los Angeles TLI cohort. I want to take this time to thank Archbishop Gomez for welcoming TLI into our Archdiocese, Bishop Olmsted for starting this amazing initiative along with Cristofer, our fearless leader, who has had to deal with so many changes but took them up graciously and persevered in helping us seamlessly finish [...]

Disciples in Training2021-02-02T18:03:53+00:00
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