2021 Cohort

Deepika Joseph


As an Indian Catholic, coming into this program has opened my eyes as to how it can be applied in my country where Christians are a minority. I commit to use my skills as an IT professional to represent Christ in my dealings with people, holding up moral values on the technologies I work on. My immediate approach would be to work with my home parish to create and contribute funds to bear the expenses for the underprivileged Catholic children to receive their First Holy Communion. My long-term goal is to organize a non-profit group for the youth to grow in [...]

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John Wiley


I am launching Dream Big Mastermind, a coaching program that helps young adults and teens to establish goals and develop the skills, habits, and the drive to attain those goals. A survey of colleges showed 10% of the incoming freshmen are prepared to do the work. Upon graduation only 20% of the students are prepared to enter the workforce. How prepared are those who did not to go to college? Dream Big Mastermind’s mission is to help this demographic to live a life on purpose becoming the person they aspired to be. I will apply my new TLI leaderships skills to [...]

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Daniel Selmeczy


Last year I founded TAM NOVA, a professional coaching program for Catholic leaders. I joined TLI because I was curious to see what other Catholic leadership programs were doing. My leadership commitment is to continue building the Kingdom of God through TAM NOVA. We offer transformative coaching, collaboration, and, ultimately, unique creation of unprecedented results. We believe that all humans are renewed, developed, and sanctified through bold, creative, and risky work. Our program is designed for participants to explore where they're underestimating themselves and to learn what they're capable of as co-creators with God.

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Christopher Sanchez


Since its inception the Catholic Church has held values that called for the sanctity of life and dignity of all human beings. These values are critical to the Catholic way of life and society as a whole. However, we have seen these values compromised in the policy making process. That is why I commit to creating a Catholic youth policy seminar for high school students from underserved communities that will teach how to be a Catholic advocate for their community. Now more than ever it is important that the Catholic voice be uplifted, inserted in policy making at every level of [...]

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Amy Rodriguez


As a digital artist, I desire to use the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed me with to advance the kingdom of God here on earth. With the grace of God, my leadership commitment for the near future is to author and illustrate a series of children’s books that inspire a love for Jesus Christ. My long-term commitment is to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and guide any media projects I may undertake in the future.

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Gina Perez


I am thankful for the gift of TLI, which has allowed me to further discern my place in the world that surrounds me here in my community. My leadership commitment is as multi-faceted as is the community where I live and work. I will continue to be a voice on the importance of intersectionality of the Catholic-Chicano identity. This lens in my graduate thesis. I will use my TLI lessons and be a voice in committees in my school/work campus. Finally, my main goal is to join a board within the mental health field and be a Catholic voice in an [...]

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Noelle Patno


I seek to design and to implement a ballroom dance curriculum focused on deliberate teaching of Theology of the Body concepts through dance. The goal is to promote opportunities for young adult Catholics to interact in healthy and positive physical interactions to counteract the hookup culture and to promote the understanding of our bodies as sacred gifts. This dance curriculum would be designed for the gap between confirmation and marriage. The structured environment aims to develop healthy friendships based on mutual respect for each other’s’ movements and physical expression with self-control: an experiential understanding of Theology of the Body.

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Mauricio Nunez


I was brought back to our faith at a beautiful retreat center in the middle of the Los Angeles metro area. The serenity of that center was as impactful as the activities of those ministering the retreat. By profession, I consult on corporate real estate strategy. Therefore, I commit to advising Catholic and other faith-based organizations on maximizing real estate assets and fundraising for capital improvements. My ultimate goal is to contribute to preserving and expanding physical places of worship.

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Megan Nobert


I'll be committing to serving on the Advisory Board of IBUS at SFSU, my college. I just created a curriculum and am starting outreach for a new mentorship program that I worked with my professors on to create in which mentors will offer career coaching to students and alumni. I will join at least one Catholic networking organization post-graduation pending further research as well as continuing discernment of where God wants me to take the nonprofit I started. I started a new Facebook group for California Catholics, as it continues to be fruitful, I will be using this to organize young [...]

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Bryan Martin


Blended families are becoming much more of a reality, and the church is going to have to better understand how to deal with them. It is a very difficult issue. I commit to becoming a resource to new couples that are setting out to get married into a blended family. They will face many challenges unforeseen now, which are clouded by the ‘honeymoon’ stage of life. You are already marrying into a family, and not starting a completely new family out. More attention needs to be given to the children, so they are not left with generational wounds they end up [...]

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