2021 Cohort

Carolina Manalac-Bentancourt


My leadership commitment is dedicated to an up-and-coming Catholic classical school, The Good Shepherd Academy, which was inspired by our late Good Shepherd, Fr. Luis Marx, and faithful homeschooling parents. I honestly believe that God has placed TLI in my path which is the reason why I came back on board with the school. The Good Shepherd Academy pledges itself to the pursuit of truth, the love of the good and the cultivation of beauty for the sake of the student’s minds and hearts to form good citizens for our nation. I am committed to be a board member of The [...]

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Ifeanyi Ihenacho


As my leadership commitment I plan to write a short book of meditations and spiritual reflections about the Lord’s Prayer. It will discuss the seven capital virtues, gifts of the holy spirit, and other elements of faith as they relate with each petition to our Father. I primarily intend for this book to stimulate deeper reflection upon the mysteries of God.

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Monica Garcia


Through TLI, I have come to appreciate and recognize the importance of faith formation. I was drawn to The Divine Mercy devotion. This last year I have been faithfully praying the Holy hour Chaplet and studying Jesus’ teachings. As a graduate of TLI 2021, I commit to promoting and teaching the authentic forms of the message and devotion to The Divine Mercy. I will encourage people to live out the message of Mercy in their daily lives through forming Cenacles in Ventura. Once a year (before Lent) I will host a Ventura County Divine Mercy Conference to reach a wider community [...]

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Stanley Dicdican


For my Tepeyac leadership commitment, I would like to start an after-school program at my local parish educating and enriching kids about the Faith. I have seen from my faith journey the beauty of after-school program helping kids learn about the faith and evangelize others by their examples. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I plan to bridge the gap between scripture and today's society and the importance of standing firm in the faith. I plan to expand the program to eventually get the parents involved as well as to reinforce the church of the home.

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Veronica Fernandez


I have always been passionate about protecting the unborn. Years ago, I dreamed of having a non-profit to assist teenage pregnant mothers in crisis to provide them with shelter, education, parenting classes, and assist them with a career path to choose to keep their babies and provide for them. After doing some research, I realized that at least three organizations offer these services in Orange County; however, they are not supporting the expecting fathers. My husband and I recognize that the expecting father plays an essential role in saving unborn children. I would like to team up with an emergency pregnancy [...]

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John Fernandez


I want to help young men who are facing an unplanned pregnancy be able to support their family. I believe that if we can wrap our arms around these young men who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, grant them job skills and or continue education we can help them choose life. I have not been able to determine if an organization like this exists, but I have begun some discussion with the Respect Life group at our Parish and I have a few action times from that meeting. Granting a young man the dignity of quality employment and as well as [...]

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David Ciarametaro


While in prayer during the retreat, the Lord made it clear that He would like me to pursue something which has been on my heart for some time, which is acting. So, my concrete leadership commitment will be to audition for some time during the next few months. This may not seem like a tradition leadership commitment, however, I believe that leading in the area of the arts and entertainment is important, especially considering the amount of influence the entertainment industry exercises over our culture, so I would like my leadership commitment to be in this area.

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Jamie Cappetta


Thank you for the TLI experience. As the newly elected President of the South Bay of Los Angeles Legatus Chapter, my leadership commitment is to help grow the membership, strengthen the community and develop a strong list of speakers who will provide orthodox formation of Business Leaders. Along with Legatus, in October, I will be invested into the Order of Malta and will commit to giving myself in service to their mission.

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Cristofer Barajas


As we come out of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that everyone lives in community with one another. I also know that God made us for himself and calls all Christians into a relationship with Him. As a graduate of TLI, I plan to join my home parish council to work to build up the Body of Christ focusing on those two key elements: community and relationship with God.

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Jean Paul Afif


In reflecting upon my TLI experience and what commitment God would like me to make to Him, to myself, to my family, my community, our TLI leadership, and my classmates – I have decided to accept a volunteer position to join the board of directors for TLI nationally. I have given to prayerful discernment, reflection, and direction in arriving upon this decision. Working to advance TLI’s mission statement and program is something that God through the Holy Spirit is asking me to do, and a commitment which I am confident I can keep to honor and praise His glorious name.

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