2022 Cohort

Yvette Montano


First and foremost, I want to say that I am so thankful for TLI. The past five months have been a journey that has spiritually opened my heart to learn more about my catholic faith and provide me with professional skills that I use daily in my work. It has also allowed me to discern where God is guiding me to be in this world. My leadership commitment for the near future is to continue to grow spiritually in my faith by reading catholic books and reconnecting with the young adult group at my local parish. My long-term commitment is to [...]

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Yuritzi Vargas


My leadership commitment is to live out my Fiat to God’s call of being a virtuous Proverbs 31 woman in my family, work, and communities. During TLI, I was blessed by the program and God leading me to a new environment. I will continue discerning and take guidance from the Holy Spirit to see what my commitment looks like in the future. Thus far, I know it is to lead as a virtuous Catholic leader in tech and in my family. My next step is to search and start serving on a related non-profit board by the end of 2022.  

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Yesenia Carrera


I commit to building an intentional community amongst women, particularly their post-graduate but pre-martial season of life who wish to dedicate this prime season of life to grow in cultivating our unique feminine genius through the Catholic intellectual tradition and a sisterhood community. This sisterhood community will be facilitated using study guides created by the Endow Podcast. The hope is that women who participate in these sisterhood communities will each embark in the pivotal role of being a bold Catholic witness in the rebuilding of culture and society in their circles of influence and God willing someday in our own future [...]

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Wendy Cano


TLI was a gift that reminded me that He gave me a unique mission, a wonderful charisma, and several natural talents. I will actively use these gifts every day in my Virtuous Leadership to create and develop more transdisciplinary projects with the support of the members of XOCIARTEK. Art, science, and God's good love are the ingredients that can transform local environments into possibilities to have a better life. I also commit to continue contributing to the mission of TLI as part of the core team and encourage professionals to take advantage of the TLI program.  

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Valerie Staples


As a graduate of TLI, my commitment will be to apply what I have learned from the stellar trainers in our program to my work as a Director with Legal Shield Services. I will strive to share my faith more boldly with my clients and fellow Associates. More importantly, I am going to recommit to receiving our Lord at daily Mass so that I can carry our Lord with me to all I encounter. I will also apply my newly learned membership skills to my work with Consecrate California, which I am the Spokesperson for. Being that there are nearly 10 [...]

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Tania Vasquez


I commit to keep the Lord in the center of my life, to prefer his will before mine, to humbly trust him in every situation regardless if it makes sense or not to my human eye, and to be a witness of his love in my family, friends and at my workplace. I commit to advocate for the healthcare of children, especially the most vulnerable, including those with Down Syndrome and other rare diseases.  

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Sophia Cartwright


I am committing to standing steadfast for the good amidst the festering falsehood perpetuated by the culture. I want to do this especially by dedicating myself to Catholic secondary and post-secondary education, helping to form young people in the warm glow of the knowledge of their own phenomenal worth and securing them in the glory of the truths I have been shown. I seek particularly to affirm their unshakable dignity, such that every choice they make is rooted in that and therefore oriented towards the source of all goodness, our Lord Jesus Christ.  

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Skylar Covich


I will continue and expand my involvement in the disability rights movement and in local politics, including through more board service. I also will continue my service in parish ministries such as the choir and mailing list and seek to join at least one Catholic or pro-life board.  

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Silvia Lugo


In reflecting what's a commitment, I remembered when I flew to start Medical School. I carried a book on the plane that's about being commitment and making peace with marriage. Little did I know, I was about to begin a journey in my life. Well, I've not been married to a man yet. I'll leave a legacy of hope and love, being led by God to joyfully serve in healing through encounters with people. Open to ways I could help their needs with my gifts, through prayerful discernment, transmitting a catholic family inheritance thankfully.  

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Sarah Brotman


I will start volunteering at a Pregnancy Resource Center in the next six months. In addition, I will create (or join if one already exists) a community of Catholic scientists at my next job where we can network, have meetings, and facilitate discussions on current issues we face as Catholic scientists working in a very secularized environment. Ideally, this will give Catholic scientists who feel isolated a community where we can build a stronger voice to defend our beliefs to the larger scientific community and eventually evoke change by joining bioethics boards and other forms of leadership.  

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