2019 Cohort

Esperanza Hodgers, Kyrene Elementary School District


Monsignor Chavez is the head of the commission for the Canonization of San Juan Diego at the Archdioceses of Mexico City, and an expert in the history and message of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Like other Catholics, I thought I knew about Our Lady of Guadalupe. However, after partaking in one of the institutes online courses, I was blown away by how much there is to know about her! My leadership commitment is to help perpetuate the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe within the Diocese of Phoenix by promoting the work of Monsignor Eduardo Chavez and by connecting the work [...]

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Katrina Winn, Aid to Women Center


My TLI Leadership commitment is to facilitate a program for families designed to help them grow together in prayer. This program will be based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius and run yearly at my parish. Through a three-night long series of talks, activities, discussion, and Adoration, it will create a shared prayer experience that will strengthen the family's collective prayer life. The desired outcome is a strengthening of familial relationships in the spirit of Bishop Olmsted's exhortation Complete My Joy.

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Ryan Wiensch, Spectrum Graphics


As a graduate of TLI and a leader in the business community, I commit to living a balanced work and personal life. I commit to a stronger fuller prayer life and a greater understanding of our faith. Through these commitments I will look to bring men closer to Christ by playing an active role in my parish community, taking time to provide board service and working every day to lead the life Christ has called us to live.

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Reymundo Torres, Aramark – Arizona State University


Pope Francis has said "A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of himself, so that those who govern can govern." Per the guidance of the Holy Father, I intend to meddle. With numbers approaching one million souls and growing, the Roman Catholic Church is, by far, the largest religion in our state. Unfortunately, this is neither generally well known nor politically unifying among Catholics in Arizona. Through various faithful entities, I will work to identify, educate and support viable Roman Catholic leaders who hold their faith as a central factor of their public advocacy.

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Eunice Sepulveda-Martinez, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality


Discovering the meaning of becoming a virtuous leader and how to influence others positively, is extremely rewarding to me. Most importantly, the gift of being a wife and mother motivates me to help other families discover the love of God. I commit to taking more Natural Family Planning (NFP) courses to become an NFP representative at our parish. Respectfully and lovingly, I want to reach out to families (in person & through social media) to promote the importance of NFP and praying the rosary.

Eunice Sepulveda-Martinez, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality2019-07-25T22:56:18+00:00

Micki Schroeder, Trilinear HR Consulting and Business Solutions


As a graduate of the TLI Class of 2019 and in response to the constant reminder that my own life is no less than a miracle, I plan to increase my efforts to protect the sanctity and dignity of human life. I will maintain my current board leadership roles as I move forward in consideration for board membership at Life Choices Women's Clinic as well. Additionally, I will keep my heart open to God's will for me and to the requests for any additional needs of my parish, the Diocese and future expansion of TLI and Alumni opportunities.

Micki Schroeder, Trilinear HR Consulting and Business Solutions2019-07-25T22:56:18+00:00

Erin Sarotte, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


My participation in TLI has reignited my desire to be a leader in the Catholic Church. As I enter into the vocation of marriage this November, I feel called to serve married couples in a special way. My fiancé, Joe, and I have decided to begin a Christian Family Movement group at our parish. The Christian Family Movement is a lay Catholic movement that promotes Christ-centered marriages and family life, to help individuals and their families live the Christian faith in everyday life, and to improve society through acts of love, service, education, and example.

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Marco Porras, Mas Vale Saber


Participating in TLI has helped me understand the beauty of God's work, the path he lights for me and the many blessings he bestows upon me. For my leadership commitment, I intend to discern my faith and vocation so that I may continue to grow spiritually while seeking out and allowing the Lord to place me in a board member position, which will allow me to confront injustice in society and to extend care to the ignored, abandoned and marginalized.

Marco Porras, Mas Vale Saber2019-07-25T22:56:18+00:00

Erika Peña, Catholic Charities Community Services


My leadership commitment is to re-strengthen my formation to better lead the Charismatic Renovation group Mimicas. John the Baptist said the Messiah "will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire." (Luke 3:16) As a group, we are entrusted to represent and spread that "fire" through dynamism in events by engaging with the community. Because of personal battles, there were times I wanted to abandon my commitment as a leader, but I felt that "fire" burning within me. TLI has helped me renew my commitment to prayer and a closer relationship with Jesus. I will call on the gifts and charisms [...]

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Melissa Moreno, City of Phoenix


It was troubling to learn about the number of young people leaving the Faith, year after year. My commitment is to create a comfortable environment that leads youth into self-reflection including the critical role parents and the parish community play in youth formation. This would include partnering with my Parish Pastor to create opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration and personal invitations to ask questions about the Faith.

Melissa Moreno, City of Phoenix2019-07-25T22:56:18+00:00
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