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Is TLI for parish staff?


The real question is, does the prospective TLI program participant, who now works at a parish/diocese want to work in the secular world? If the answer is yes, then absolutely, they should participate in the program. TLI is probably not a good fit for a lay person who has made out his/her mind about building a career working for the Church. TLI is also not for clergy.

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What is the format of the sessions?


Most sessions start with a rich discussion on a (light, 3-5 pages) reading handout that is provided one week prior. Participants then hear from two or three speakers per night. These are very engaging 20-minute PowerPoint presentations. Then, the facilitator starts a virtual Q&A panel, where the participants interact with the experts. The sessions typically end with an engaging exercise or dynamic, such as discussion in small groups (through virtual breakout rooms) that are meant to help participants further digest the content and grow in fellowship. The TLI sessions are “virtual as-if-in-person,” meaning, none of our content is pre-recorded. Sessions are [...]

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Is TLI in-person or online?


Both. The 18 sessions of the program take place on a virtual platform (From February to June). Our sessions are “virtual as-if-in-person,” meaning, none of our content is pre-recorded. The TLI virtual sessions are dynamic and engaging. You participate from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. However, in addition to the weekly sessions, the program involves an in-person (all-day) retreat. It takes place on a Saturday of April or May. There is a virtual version of the retreat, but participants are highly encouraged to experience it in-person.

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How does TLI compare or differ from Catholic young adult groups I am familiar with?


There are a couple of ways, TLI is not a group or young adult ministry. In fact, while many of the program participants are millennials, TLI is not restricted to any age group. TLI is for Catholic professionals “in the early to mid-stages of their career.” We let prospective participants define if this is where they are. In addition, TLI is not a Catholic professional association or guild. TLI is a five-month experience (You are in, you are out, and you are done!). Most Tepeyac Leaders (graduates of TLI) describe it as a transformative experience. In five-months, TLI touches participants in [...]

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Is TLI available in my country or diocese?


Yes, Tepeyac Leadership Initiative is a global leadership development program. It is available to Catholic professionals throughout the world. The sessions of the program are virtual (and live). And they are available in three different time zones to accommodate people in different parts of the world. However, one component of the program is typically in-person. Participants can choose from Phoenix, AZ or Nashville, TN in the United States, to experience the retreat. For those participating who cannot attend in-person, there is a virtual version of the retreat available.

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Why should Catholic professionals participate in TLI?


Catholic professionals would participate in the TLI program to… Increase their awareness of and participation in leadership roles in their community. Learn how to guide their careers by their Catholic faith with confidence and wisdom. Clarify their vision and be mentored into the next level in their career. Become virtuous leaders and learn how to influence others positively. Become part of a growing, influential, global network of Catholic professionals that share their values and drive for success. Be surrounded, meet, and learn from top catholic global business and community leaders. Be part of a project to advance the common good, making [...]

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Who will be presenting and teaching?


Most sessions bring together a panel of experts, made up of top Catholic professionals and seasoned lay leaders from around the world. They have expertise in different areas of secular life. About 90% of our speakers are lay Catholics. A small number of presenters in the program are priests or consecrated religious.

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Who will be sitting next to me?


Next to you in the virtual room (and later during the in-person retreat) will be seating other Catholic professionals from different walks of life. They may come from anywhere in the world. They are as eager as you are to become leaders and grow professionally and spiritually.

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How do the sessions compare to graduate-level MBA courses?


Graduate-level MBA courses have homework with intense reading requirements. You typically prepare for class by reading case studies and preparing answers that pertain to those case studies. The classes at MBA programs last longer, and are more challenging to remain engaged with, as each class is held by the same instructor for periods of 8 weeks at the time. TLI sessions are not lectures as they are meant to be fast paced and interactive. Each presentation last 20 minutes and is followed by a Q&A session. Rather than hearing from the same speaker through the night, TLI sessions involve two or [...]

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