Ryan Wiensch, Spectrum Graphics


As a graduate of TLI and a leader in the business community, I commit to living a balanced work and personal life. I commit to a stronger fuller prayer life and a greater understanding of our faith. Through these commitments I will look to bring men closer to Christ by playing an active role in my parish community, taking time to provide board service and working every day to lead the life Christ has called us to live.

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Marco Porras, Mas Vale Saber


Participating in TLI has helped me understand the beauty of God's work, the path he lights for me and the many blessings he bestows upon me. For my leadership commitment, I intend to discern my faith and vocation so that I may continue to grow spiritually while seeking out and allowing the Lord to place me in a board member position, which will allow me to confront injustice in society and to extend care to the ignored, abandoned and marginalized.

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Jaime Martinez, LPI


After my TLI journey, a passion for service and spiritual growth has flourished in me., Because of the work I already do in the area, and my professional and Church connections, I commit to supporting TLI in reaching Catholic professionals in Los Angeles. I will also join the St. Gregory’s Church project at my parish. Personally, I commit to a close observance of my relationship with Christ, my wife and family, and a renewed commitment to the Sacraments and spiritual reading.

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Maria Lipp, Spotlight Media Services


My leadership commitment is to continue helping the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative reach professionals who want to lead with principle and dignity. I look forward to continuing my collaboration with TLI's social media team to grow its following and provide insight, that will help further TLI's virtual presence as well as spread the message of virtuous leadership in the community. I hope the social media communications team--I will be part of--will help other professionals reconnect with their faith through their vocation as a result of experiencing TLI.

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Monica Grijalva, DMMG


My leadership commitment is to support the dissemination of the papal encyclical Laudato Si by writing a monthly column for my Facebook Page and Blog Desierto Vivo, also to be sent as opinion columns to newspapers and church bulletins in Spanish and English. I hope for others to understand the responsibility of care for our common home, the urgency of our environmental challenges, and to join Pope Francis in looking to our common home with candor and humility.

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Christine DuPont, Relevant Radio


I am passionate about being Catholic, America, and Freedom. As Catholics, we must enact just laws and to protect our most sacred rights. I believe that if Catholics vote for candidates who uphold true Catholic teaching, we would have a better state, country, and society. My leadership commitment will be to create awareness and opportunities for Catholic's to form their conscience in preparation for elections. I will be working with different organizations to educate Catholics, so they vote in a way that is pleasing to God.

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Gustavo Estrella, Davidson Belluso, Inc


The knowledge and topics shared in TLI were invaluable, and the speakers, the networking opportunities, and overall content will be instrumental in making a positive impact in the secular world through the sharing of truth, goodness and beauty. In partnership with Angela Heisel, my leadership commitment is to help establish TLI’s online presence by way of brand development, content creation, and community building through its website and social media platforms. This, in an effort to encourage professionals to participate and take advantage of all TLI offers for the advancement of the apostolic mission of the church.

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