Civil Service

David Segura, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office


As a graduate of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2018, my leadership commitment is to live a balanced life by developing my work, family, and spiritual lives together; and to serve as an ethical leader by inspiring my colleagues to focus on the importance of the dignity of the human person.

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Nazario Prieto, City of Phoenix


First and foremost, I am a father and a husband, and I commit to becoming the best that I can be with God’s grace. I will become a more prayerful man and take full advantage of the sacraments to become more holy.  I also have a passion for apologetics, and my focus will be to reach Catholic and non-Catholic men and bring them to Christ and to help them see the beauty of his Holy Catholic Church. As such, I commit to continue to educate myself in the written word of God and his Church and to find opportunities to encounter [...]

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Angelica Perez, Arizona Department of Child Safety


I find a great ongoing need in the right-to-life movement where men, women and children lack the understanding of what it means to be pro-life. I plan on volunteering at pro-life centers to mentor and educate on the cycle of conception and natural birth. I also plan on forming curriculum and/or educational material to further educate and inform the youth in our schools and youth groups and the most vulnerable women in my community.

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Andres Martin, Maricopa County Environmental Services


I believe virtuous leadership is needed at the civic level of society and feel passionate about being an instrument of change in secular society. I was recently elected to serve as a Board Member for the Arizona Environmental Health Association (2-year term). My TLI leadership commitment is to fill a vacant City of Peoria Board/Commission position in 2018 and to use that as a platform to run for Peoria Unified School District Board Member in the next coming years. Concurrently, I plan to enter a 2018 EWTN video contest that is geared toward evangelization and also work on other Catholic media [...]

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Seth Graham, Salt River Police Department


For my leadership commitment I would like to travel to Catholic churches and schools to talk about general life safety. How not to be a victim of crime/violence at home, work, and play.

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Micaela Larkin, Arizona Legislature


There is a great need for an understanding of the history of the Catholic Church in the US.  As one part of my commitment, I plan to write a book to provide insight into our Church’s past, Catholic Social Teaching, Irish Catholicism, and the American Southwest using my family’s history as the hook to explore some of these themes. I also believe there is much to be done in person-to-person evangelization. To meet this need, I plan to assist efforts to evangelize South Phoenix, undertake a book club or organization to be found on Meetup/Internet to try to reach “nones” or [...]

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