Civil Service

Reymundo Torres, Aramark – Arizona State University


Pope Francis has said "A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of himself, so that those who govern can govern." Per the guidance of the Holy Father, I intend to meddle. With numbers approaching one million souls and growing, the Roman Catholic Church is, by far, the largest religion in our state. Unfortunately, this is neither generally well known nor politically unifying among Catholics in Arizona. Through various faithful entities, I will work to identify, educate and support viable Roman Catholic leaders who hold their faith as a central factor of their public advocacy.

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Eunice Sepulveda-Martinez, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality


Discovering the meaning of becoming a virtuous leader and how to influence others positively, is extremely rewarding to me. Most importantly, the gift of being a wife and mother motivates me to help other families discover the love of God. I commit to taking more Natural Family Planning (NFP) courses to become an NFP representative at our parish. Respectfully and lovingly, I want to reach out to families (in person & through social media) to promote the importance of NFP and praying the rosary.

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Melissa Moreno, City of Phoenix


It was troubling to learn about the number of young people leaving the Faith, year after year. My commitment is to create a comfortable environment that leads youth into self-reflection including the critical role parents and the parish community play in youth formation. This would include partnering with my Parish Pastor to create opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration and personal invitations to ask questions about the Faith.

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George McNeely, State of Arizona


After nearly two decades of war, the spiritual and social services need of our veterans are greater than ever. As a Marine veteran, I understand the pride of service to the country comes at a high price. Veterans face high rates of homelessness, suicide, and unemployment. As my Leadership Commitment, I pledge to secure an appointment to the Arizona Veterans Service Advisory Commission for at least one three-year term. This Commission promotes public awareness of veteran's issues, providing policy advice to the Governor and Director of Veterans Services.

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Larry Herrera, City of Tempe


There is a great need for building a professional Catholic leadership community. We can do more to unite and collaborate with Catholic professionals in Arizona.I commit to help to moderate the next cohort of TLI 2020 and beyond. Catholic leaders are needed at every cornerstone and helping build the network that lays the foundation, will shape the future of our Catholic faith in Phoenix.

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Bill Fathauer, Arizona Department of Transportation


I will use my charism for writing to start a political blog geared towards helping lay Catholics both apply the teachings of the Church in the public square and identify opportunities for civic engagement. In the more mid-term, I will found a podcast with one or two other politically minded Catholics towards the same end. Additionally, I will seek an appointment to the City of Phoenix's Human Services Commission to help address the increasingly problematic issue of homelessness in my hometown and I will seek to restart the Arizona chapter of a non-profit dedicated to advocacy for persecuted Christians with an [...]

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David Segura, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office


As a graduate of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2018, my leadership commitment is to live a balanced life by developing my work, family, and spiritual lives together; and to serve as an ethical leader by inspiring my colleagues to focus on the importance of the dignity of the human person.

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Nazario Prieto, City of Phoenix


First and foremost, I am a father and a husband, and I commit to becoming the best that I can be with God’s grace. I will become a more prayerful man and take full advantage of the sacraments to become more holy.  I also have a passion for apologetics, and my focus will be to reach Catholic and non-Catholic men and bring them to Christ and to help them see the beauty of his Holy Catholic Church. As such, I commit to continue to educate myself in the written word of God and his Church and to find opportunities to encounter [...]

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Angelica Perez, Arizona Department of Child Safety


I find a great ongoing need in the right-to-life movement where men, women and children lack the understanding of what it means to be pro-life. I plan on volunteering at pro-life centers to mentor and educate on the cycle of conception and natural birth. I also plan on forming curriculum and/or educational material to further educate and inform the youth in our schools and youth groups and the most vulnerable women in my community.

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Andres Martin, Maricopa County Environmental Services


I believe virtuous leadership is needed at the civic level of society and feel passionate about being an instrument of change in secular society. I was recently elected to serve as a Board Member for the Arizona Environmental Health Association (2-year term). My TLI leadership commitment is to fill a vacant City of Peoria Board/Commission position in 2018 and to use that as a platform to run for Peoria Unified School District Board Member in the next coming years. Concurrently, I plan to enter a 2018 EWTN video contest that is geared toward evangelization and also work on other Catholic media [...]

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