Education & University

Aaron Smith, Arizona State University


As a father to a young family, I am passionate about both education and my children. It is my intention to apply to the Diocesan School Board with a focus on helping to maintain the orthodoxy of the Catholic faith in the schools as well as working to raise academic standards even higher to ensure students in the Diocese can have access to a high-quality education. Furthermore, my wife and I are going to volunteer in our parish to teach baptism classes after recognizing that the work of the Church truly starts at the beginning with infant baptism.

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Brian Rosario, Seton Catholic Preparatory


It has been written, “Iron sharpens iron; one person sharpens another” (Prov. 27:17). Thus, I commit to creating the Florencio Rosario, Jr. Project, an initiative using basketball and Catholic teaching to start a conversation and dialog between fathers and their sons, boosting their relationship with a goal of developing confident, engaged, and educated young men in the Church. Emerging from the verse from proverbs, it will be an initiative that says, “If fathers sharpen sons; sons can sharpen future stewards of our Church.”

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Alex Julian, Cicero Preparatory Academy


I have a great concern for the proper education of our youth. I believe there is much to be done to offer a high-quality, public education that orients young hearts and minds toward a lifelong pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. As a graduate of the TLI Class of 2018, my leadership commitment is to become a headmaster or principal at a liberal-arts oriented educational institution. 

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Angela Heisel, University of Phoenix


My commitment will be to help manage TLI’s social media accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn) to help spread the Catholic message to professionals and build Tepeyac Leadership Initiative’s presence on social media. The hope is this will generate interest in TLI among future participants and promote Catholic teachings in a way that is relevant to working adults who may or may not be close to the faith but who are interested in professional growth. 

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