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Cecilia Lavallade, Diocese of Phoenix


As a graduate of the TLI 2019 cohort, my leadership commitment is to continue to form myself in my faith and grow in a deeper relationship with God. In addition, I desire to serve on at least one of the following boards: 1) Young Professional Board for Catholic Charities; 2) Maggie's Place; or 3) Catholic Leadership Circle. I hope to continue promoting TLI in hopes of inspiring future participants and at the same time continue to encourage fellowship opportunities among TLI Alumni.

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Lisa Johnston, StreamLine Accounting


My leadership commitment is three-fold, for my children, I have taken on the role of president of the Parent Service Organization to help build a better school and community for them. For my church, I will be handwriting notes to the parents of teens who are not attending the parish Life Teen program in order to increase participation and increase spirituality for young adults. TLI has also reignited in my desire to run for public office, from a lofty aspiration into a concrete reality. I have begun discussions with professionals to learn about where I can best fit into a nominated [...]

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Carlos Caraveo, JPMorgan Chase


We all have a responsibility to bring Christ to our brothers and sisters. This upcoming fall I will be joining the Hospitality Team for RCIA at St. Mary Magdalene. The mission is to make the catechumens feel welcomed, connect them with other parishioners, and walk alongside them as they learn more about the Catholic faith.

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David Tello, Raza Development Fund


I have great concern for the safety of our children within their school grounds. There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year. Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters constitute the casualties. A kid walks into school property and unloads a semi-automatic weapon, and little is being done about it. I believe there is much to be done to control access to guns. I plan on becoming an active voice in promoting gun control and increasing school safety, so our children don’t have to grow in fear of becoming another casualty.

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Adrian Ruiz, Raza Development Fund


I believe we are currently at an important point in time with regards to educating our youth. Education can be the great equalizer, under the appropriate conditions, with regards to changing the social and economic outlook of our community. Both the local and national demographic trends are changing; and I believe it is important to have representation of that reality at the decision-making level. I think it is equally important to have people of faith represented at this level to bear witness to youth that choosing Christ does not imply sacrificing temporal success. I wish to be a voice for positive change and [...]

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Pedro Gutierrez, Green Path Inc


In response to the needs of the local community which has expressed a desire to grow in holiness through the Catholic Action spirituality, with the help of current members, I have decided to open a new program for married couples. The aim of this program is to foster holy consciences within young and experienced married families, providing them the opportunity to: 1.) foster community 2.) serve one another, and 3.) learn from each other’s experiences on how to live out their vocation of Holy Matrimony. Additionally, this group can mentor members in the brother group of Young Adults who are discerning the [...]

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