Katrina Winn, Aid to Women Center


My TLI Leadership commitment is to facilitate a program for families designed to help them grow together in prayer. This program will be based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius and run yearly at my parish. Through a three-night long series of talks, activities, discussion, and Adoration, it will create a shared prayer experience that will strengthen the family's collective prayer life. The desired outcome is a strengthening of familial relationships in the spirit of Bishop Olmsted's exhortation Complete My Joy.

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Erin Sarotte, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


My participation in TLI has reignited my desire to be a leader in the Catholic Church. As I enter into the vocation of marriage this November, I feel called to serve married couples in a special way. My fiancé, Joe, and I have decided to begin a Christian Family Movement group at our parish. The Christian Family Movement is a lay Catholic movement that promotes Christ-centered marriages and family life, to help individuals and their families live the Christian faith in everyday life, and to improve society through acts of love, service, education, and example.

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Erika Peña, Catholic Charities Community Services


My leadership commitment is to re-strengthen my formation to better lead the Charismatic Renovation group Mimicas. John the Baptist said the Messiah "will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire." (Luke 3:16) As a group, we are entrusted to represent and spread that "fire" through dynamism in events by engaging with the community. Because of personal battles, there were times I wanted to abandon my commitment as a leader, but I felt that "fire" burning within me. TLI has helped me renew my commitment to prayer and a closer relationship with Jesus. I will call on the gifts and charisms [...]

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Miranda Maciel, Catholic Community Foundation


As part of my leadership commitment, I will work to further develop my limited Spanish by taking weekly classes with the students of Bourgade Catholic High School with a Summer Immersion program in 2020. These classes and immersion program will allow me to better serve our Spanish-speaking community and incoming families in my role as Admissions Coordinator. I also commit to furthering the mission of TLI by serving as a member of the TLI marketing and communications committee.

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Irma Leyendecker, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


During TLI, I found myself thinking about the conscious choice to "Choose Love," the path Jesus would take. I see it as my calling to help facilitate this problem-solving skill of making decisions with the love of Jesus in mind with our kids in our Catholic schools. I think in today's world they need to know how to make smart and loving decisions with others in mind. I would like to join the diocesan school board and help start a program, helping children to make thoughtful choices by always "Choosing Love".

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Cecilia Lavallade, Diocese of Phoenix


As a graduate of the TLI 2019 cohort, my leadership commitment is to continue to form myself in my faith and grow in a deeper relationship with God. In addition, I desire to serve on at least one of the following boards: 1) Young Professional Board for Catholic Charities; 2) Maggie's Place; or 3) Catholic Leadership Circle. I hope to continue promoting TLI in hopes of inspiring future participants and at the same time continue to encourage fellowship opportunities among TLI Alumni.

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Brandon Buck, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


There is great enthusiasm and potential magnanimity in my fellow graduates. My calling is to connect people. With regular quarterly gatherings, that include faith, education, and networking, we will build momentum with the first two TLI cohorts. My commitment is to support the development of the TLI Alumni Association.

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Claudia Lopez, Catholic Charities Community Services


There is a great need to continue to evangelize the Latino young community. My commitment will be to start a young adult group that will be focused on serving others in missions and deepening their faith through pilgrimages. There will be a special focus on connecting the young adults with issues such as immigration, so they may understand the church’s teaching and serve the community. This young adult group will do one pilgrimage or mission a year and other smaller projects throughout the year. 

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Dulce Hernandez, Catholic Charities Community Services


There is a need for youth to embrace and value human dignity. As a graduate of TLI my leadership commitment is to volunteer in 2 organizations that work with youth to present mission opportunities from social services that value people’s lives. I will help youth to see their own self-worth as a gift, to value the dignity of others through mission work and to continuously seek human touch. This journey will help me evangelize, open doors to board membership, be a positive model for youth and be able to recommend future TLI participants towards other missions that value the gift of [...]

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Maria Escarceca, Child and Family Support Services


Through TLI, I've become acutely aware of the need to have Christ present in our schools and for the Catholic Church to have more of her members supporting community growth in faith and love. As a graduate of TLI 2018, I plan to participate on a board in an organization that will help with Catholic Outreach in the community and to involve myself as leader in a school.

Maria Escarceca, Child and Family Support Services2019-07-25T23:18:43+00:00
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