Claudia Lopez, Catholic Charities Community Services


There is a great need to continue to evangelize the Latino young community. My commitment will be to start a young adult group that will be focused on serving others in missions and deepening their faith through pilgrimages. There will be a special focus on connecting the young adults with issues such as immigration, so they may understand the church’s teaching and serve the community. This young adult group will do one pilgrimage or mission a year and other smaller projects throughout the year. 

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Dulce Hernandez, Catholic Charities Community Services


There is a need for youth to embrace and value human dignity. As a graduate of TLI my leadership commitment is to volunteer in 2 organizations that work with youth to present mission opportunities from social services that value people’s lives. I will help youth to see their own self-worth as a gift, to value the dignity of others through mission work and to continuously seek human touch. This journey will help me evangelize, open doors to board membership, be a positive model for youth and be able to recommend future TLI participants towards other missions that value the gift of [...]

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Maria Escarceca, Child and Family Support Services


Through TLI, I've become acutely aware of the need to have Christ present in our schools and for the Catholic Church to have more of her members supporting community growth in faith and love. As a graduate of TLI 2018, I plan to participate on a board in an organization that will help with Catholic Outreach in the community and to involve myself as leader in a school.

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Norma Carrillo, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul


My mission in life is to make an impact on every person I encounter. It isn’t difficult to make an impact on someone’s life but rather it is difficult to make a meaningful impact. I see teenagers and young women encountering obstacles in life, such as sexual harassment, physical, mental or verbal abuse, and even sexual violence. The women and teenagers who encounter these obstacles, likely don’t have a role model who knows the right way to overcome them. I commit to starting a support group for those who need help overcoming their obstacles. I hope to make a meaningful impact [...]

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Roxana Amaton, Chicanos Por La Causa


I would like to continue to use my gifts of counseling, healing, and teaching. Much compassion is needed for victims of abuse, trauma, and abortion. Being on the Board of Restore Dignity will allow me to continue to advocate for life. St. John Paul II said, “Society as a whole must respect, defend and promote the dignity of every human person, at every moment and in every condition of that person's life.” I believe that when we understand our purpose and learn about our dignity and worth we become better prepared to defend life. Lastly, I will allow my relationship with [...]

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