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Micki Schroeder, Trilinear HR Consulting and Business Solutions


As a graduate of the TLI Class of 2019 and in response to the constant reminder that my own life is no less than a miracle, I plan to increase my efforts to protect the sanctity and dignity of human life. I will maintain my current board leadership roles as I move forward in consideration for board membership at Life Choices Women's Clinic as well. Additionally, I will keep my heart open to God's will for me and to the requests for any additional needs of my parish, the Diocese and future expansion of TLI and Alumni opportunities.

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Rafael Testai, EventKey Mobile App


There is a great need for building a professional Catholic community. We can do more to unite and collaborate with Catholic professionals in Arizona, build a network that embodies the values learned in TLI and create awareness of opportunities and issues in our community; so, we can take action on or volunteer with. I commit to starting a Catholic business network that gathers once quarterly. We will mirror the TLI format. Open with prayer, have a speaker for 20 mins, and 1hr of networking. I believe great relationships and solutions will result from our Holly Spirit lead events. The only requirement to [...]

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Mari Seaberg, Americare Hospice and Palliative Care


As a hospice nurse, I commit to advocating for the terminally ill through true healthcare that upholds the dignity of the human person. As a TLI graduate, I commit myself to preventing the spread of Physician Assisted Suicide through education in religious and secular organizations, by proposing editorial pieces to the media and nurses' bulletins, and by writing to and meeting with Arizona legislators regarding the four current proposed PAS bills. In addition, I plan to contact health care providers to discuss true palliative treatment, refusing extraordinary measures, and encouraging advanced directives to provide a Catholic perspective on end of life [...]

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Bienvenido Morel, YRS New York


I commit to starting an entertainment company to be named Teleos Entertainment Group. Our company will focus on creating faith-based theater, movie and entertainment productions. Our first mission is to create a theater production based on Bishop Olmstead’s apostolic exhortation, “Into the Breach”. Our goal is to produce entertainment that brings the audience into closer relationship with Christ. We strive to do this on a local level here in Phoenix and to possibly grow to the international stage. Bringing the message of Christ’s love, compassion and mercy to the world through theater and the arts is my leadership commitment.

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Marisa Lopez, Arizona Public Service


More Latinos are leaving the church behind and have allowed themselves to be led by the distorted ways of the world. I believe more can be done to invite Latinos to come back to the Church and strengthen them in the history, culture, and social teachings of the faith. Thus, I commit to serve the Marytown Mission in their evangelization efforts in South Phoenix. In addition, I am concerned about the environmental degradation of our planet and how it is leading us towards self-destruction. The wellness of our environment is the responsibility of all human beings, so I pledge to continue [...]

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Gloria Guerra, Bilingual Insurance and HR Solutions


I have a great concern for the professional education of our multicultural female population. I believe there is much to be done in terms of providing opportunities and financial education in our community and provide confidence for women to become entrepreneurs, so they can have a flexible schedule to enjoy life and motherhood. I intend to start a financial and PR mentoring and support program to pair up women, mothers, special needs moms and entrepreneurs with more experienced ones.  In addition, as a graduate of the TLI my leadership commitment is to promote local catholic businesses to work together and launch [...]

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Ricardo Contreras, Duran Accounting Solutions LLC


One of the biggest and most concerning challenges I see in the Church is the massive exodus of youth to so called “new churches”; churches that offer an apparently easier, more convenient path to salvation. I believe there is much to be done in terms of renewing the way we, the Catholic Church, reach out to the youth. My leadership commitment is to develop a Catholic awareness campaign program within my local parish, letting the Hispanic community know that: 1) The Catholic Church is also for the youth. 2) The Church leadership is working diligently to stop this trend in the [...]

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