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Sonia Galaviz, Remax New Hights


I see a great need for young men and women of high school age to know more about their Catholic faith. As a TLI Graduate, my commitment is to develop a formation program for young adults in my parish that focuses on teaching the apologetics of the church. I would like to provide these young adults the knowledge and help them see the richness of our Catholic faith, so they know the truth and never leave their home, the Catholic church.

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Scott Scharl, North & Co Real Estate


The Catholic Church enjoys a rich cultural tradition of art, literature, music, and thought spanning two millennia. Many Catholics are eager to engage with this tradition to rediscover ancient wisdom and grow in their love of God. Even those outside the Church find Catholic beauty attractive, and the conversion of many souls begins with an encounter with this heritage. As a new board member of Catholic Phoenix, a nonprofit organization, I will further its mission to “nurture the moral, intellectual, and cultural lives of Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix.” I commit to organizing regularly occurring events wherein Catholics and those interested [...]

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Javier Espinoza, Remax New Heights Realty


“Build for My poor people.” This is the message I received as we kneeled in front of the Eucharist during our TLI retreat. As the cost of living increases year to year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for those with low incomes to find decent living accommodations. Today I commit to developing affordable housing complexes and houses for low-income families and individuals and help them end the rent cycle keeping them from progressing. These developments will provide affordable housing units for rent that will integrate programs creating a pathway to home ownership.

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